Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Gay- A Word for Happiness by Naresh Uniyal

Which is the shortest book on the planet in terms of pages and still it had the power to enchant the readers. Every book is probably more than 100 pages and detailing is a must in all the books. Author Naresh Uniyal in his debut book "Gay-A Word for Happiness" has defied all the set standards and published a book in under 70 pages. So are these 70 pages worth reading or it's waste of time and money? Let's check it out. 

Aditya Khanna has the perfect life, working as a software engineer in Delhi and in love with Priya. One night, he meets Rahul, an NRI from the US, who happens to be following him for his safety on the streets of Delhi and eventually they become good friends.
But Aditya’s life changes after Rahul’s entry into his life. Priya starts doubting about his sexual preference. Aditya tries to resist the charms of Rahul before it’s too late. His attempt to avoid Rahul fails all the time and this creates misunderstandings between the couple.
The worst comes for Aditya when Priya leaves him. Let’s find out, will Priya come back in Aditya’s life? What will Rahul do about his feelings for Aditya?

The title is a double meaning concept: one meaning linked to happiness of a person which co incidentally is the tagline of the book too and other a sensitive subject in our country. It's a bright appearance for a book which is a treat for the eyes. The blurb talks about the other side of the Gay where Aditya Khanna is caught on a wrong foot. The blurb is an exciting prospect in respect to the length of the book. 

The story revolves around Aditya Khanna who one night happens to find a gay in the shadows and saves him from deserted situation of the city and ends up on the wrong side when he befriends Rahul. It becomes a headache for him, his love life, his mother, his friend and he becomes the talk of the town because he always is found on the wrong side of the situation. Priya leaves him, Rahul falls in love with him and rest is history. 

There has never ever a story been written in 70 pages with all the humor. It touches both the aspects of the book's title and with an astounding mix of little bit suspense and a completely baffling end for the readers. The situations have been mastered and penned down beautifully. Readers won't be devoid of humors. It's a story to be remembered for it's sensitivity and appeal. The characters like Raghav a friend cum enemy, Priya an innocent girl, Aditya the lead protagonist always at the wrong place on a wrong time & not to forget typical punjabi mother Mrs. Khanna & the gay Rahul who manages to raise some eyebrows while he's on the move are enough to make it a simple yet powerful story. 

The only downside in the story is the editing in the first few pages with a few spelling mistakes. The Pappu Uncle chapter is not at all required in the story. 

The book has turned the tide in its favor and is an amazing concept by the author. It's a must read for all kinds of readers and the way it has been folded up in such less pages. It'll lighten up the mood with is witty conversations and humorous confrontations and the end is an icing on the cake for the readers. It's a book which is light on read and heavy on content. It's balanced to perfection. 


4 OUT OF 5.