Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Oh Shit Not Again by Mandar Kokate

Humor at the expense of someone is never easy. It's not easy for an author to capture the emotions and make a reader laugh about it. Author Mandar Kokate in his novel "Oh Shit Not Again" has made one such attempt to make readers laugh on something. So is he successful in tickling the people's ribs with his book or it's just a sham? Let's find out. 

The story begins with the protagonist Raj moving to a new locality. Soon he makes friends with a group of youngsters- Andy, Sam, Seema, and Arti. Together they set out to enjoy life. While doing so, they get mixed up with issues, some funny, some drastic in nature- having affairs with married women, getting caught while watching porn, getting worried about being chased by the gun-toting husband of a secret lover, and getting entangled in a murder mystery.
As the events unravel, the protagonist finds himself caught in a mesh of confusion. Will he escape the series of intrigues he is caught in?

The cover has fingerprints all over it in different colors. The title is yet one more of those attempts to get the reader's attention. The blurb is a usual one talking about Raj and his few friends and few issues they encounter in the entire journey. It ain't a very compelling blurb but it can be related to the title. 

The story revolves around Raj who shifts to a posh locality and befriends Sam and his accomplices. He develops a crush on Arti and gradually it transforms into love. But there are other problems to address too. He finds himself in neck deep issues with his young blood and impulsive actions the cause of it most of the times. An affair with a neighborhood aunty Sejal, a parallel love affair with Arti, his not so helpful friend Sam and the messed up pair of Andy & Seema and not to forget the bold & the beautiful Neha make it a headache and a thrilling ride for him. Whether he makes it through to the end is the story all about. 

A simple plain narration with an attempt to add humor in some everyday events. The story is there yet not there. It's based on an everyday concept out of which few events might bring a smile on your face. Tragedies make up most part of the book and Sejal is a character to watch out for in the entire book. 

The plot ain't a humorous one. A lot of things don't work in favor of the novel. Some serious issues have been dealt very casually. The second half of the story is more tragedy and no humor. Laughable parts are very few in the novel which doesn't justifies it's genre. 

It could have been a better attempt at writing a story revolving around friends and their problems. But with the main theme lacking in the entire book it becomes more of a sad book towards the end. It fails to live up to the potential of making you laugh time and again except for few bits and pieces. 


2 OUT OF 5. 


  1. kaha se lata hai aeisi stories?????......sapne mein aati hai kya??

  2. Nice book....though end could have been better....i didn't like the way sejal ended the mess