Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: The Teen by Gyandeep Kaushal

Teenage is a time where a child loves to experience new things. He/ she craves for new challenges. They make mistakes, they fall again and again but they never learn to give up. Author Gyandeep Kaushal still in his teens has brought for readers a story of two teens. Its "The Teen". So what new aspect of the "teen" has the author covered and is he successful in the whole process? That are the questions that will be answered in this review. 

Love can make you do anything, absolutely anything. It can make you run out of your house in the middle of the night to save the girl you love, it can make you not fear anything, not even death when you feel you have been forgotten by someone you can never forget, it can make you choose to live in isolation for a complete year just so that you dont risk her peace; it can make you choose to wait for her forever, and it can make you choose to be awfully selfish so that you can see your whole life being ruined, at the cost of seeing her alive and breathing.

The cover is not impressive as it should be. It could have been more vibrant. The tagline gels well with the story which is to be found out when the readers go through the book. The title is a simple one. The blurb talks about a jilted lover who can go up to any limits for his love. Probably the blurb needed a bit more. But in terms of surprise element it'll suffice the needs of many readers. 

The story is no less than a grand tale. It's probably the lengthiest books. It's about Ravi, Nikki and their teenage and the love which they develop in the process of knowing each other over the time. The story will travel a long journey of 8 years with a sudden time leap and then unravel the end with some twists and turns in it. 

The first word when you pick up the book as a reader comes into your mind is patience. With this book you need a lot. Unique chapter numbers might fool some but with time you'll come to know that it's the class in which Ravi & Nikki studied together throughout the story. When it comes to unearthing the raw side of the teenagers this book stands out among many other books. It has Ravi a young hot blooded boy and Nikki a charming little girl with orthodox parents by her side. Ravi's haste combined with Nikki's fears will make their journey of love epic. It's full of emotions, expressions, fears, problems, rash decisions, unexpected thoughts and ideas, boyish charm, attention, misunderstandings and not to forget two people's love too. The poems and small notes exchanged are very meaningful in the story. Ever nagging friends, high expectations from parents and orthodox approach of Nikki's family are the major highlight of the story. Understanding characters like Fr. Jose, the tuition teacher and few others make the story a lot more interesting. 

Ravi's character has been sketched well in terms of the theme of the book. Character sketching is the strength of the book. Nikki too gels completely in the story as a teenager who is unsure of  her actions most of the times. Reader's heart will go out for the plight of Nikki in the story. She is the enchantress in the latter half of the story. 

The story lost a lot of charm in chapter 10.5. The unexpected love triangles, Kisha's part were completely unnecessary. The first half of the story could have been shorter by nearly 70-80 pages. The build up is good but to enchant a reader it has to be kept on the track. In the latter half I expected more or Nikki & Ravi but Nikki's dad played the spoilsport. The book should have been kept 150-200 pages shorter. 

It's not an easy book as the title suggests. It gets on with high octane drama, covers everyday problems of families and friends, your first love and gives a complete picture of what a teen goes through or will experience in the future in this book.It is sweet and spicy with some masala in to towards the end. It's a love story which fights its way out and still stumbles on the last step perhaps for the betterment of the other but it gives a fair idea that in order to see a smile on somebody's face sometimes you just need to let that thing go.  


3 OUT OF 5. 

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