Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Trapped In Love Again by Yogesh Achtani

Unusual is a word I have used quite a few times in my book reviews. Some books tend to do that to you. Even though the expression is repetitive but the idea gets different every time. Author Yogesh Achtani in his debut book " Trapped In Love Again" will take the readers through an unusual journey of love and sacrifices and friendship. What's in store for the readers let's try to find out. 

Miserable and dejected, Sameer lights up a cigarette despite Arnav's warning about the ill effects of smoking including impotency. He just wants to blow his worries in smoke. Who's bothered of impotency when you can't even manage to get a girlfriend? Arnav alias Mac is a 'happy go lucky guy' pursuing his graduation in Pune. Fresh into college, he feels a splurge of energy gushing through him on seeing the free life. With emotions running high, Cupid strikes the very first day of college and for Arnav, it's love at first sight with Sally. Despite hitting off well from day one, their relationship isn't a smooth ride. Trapped in Love, Arnav finds himself in lurch after being ditched by Sally and finds succor in his new friends, Sameer, Atul and Ronit. Sameer has a penchant for Sally's friend Aspree but just like Arnav's case, it's a one sided affair. Thus just as him, his new friends too are a bunch of losers in the field of love. All their attempts to woo their beloveds fail in quick succession. The turning point comes when they embark upon a social service camp to a village under the aegis of NSS. Now what would be their future plan? Would they continue to woo their beloveds or would they work for a social cause for the village? Will Arnav's one sided love story continue, or he would be Trapped in Love Again.

First look at the cover and it'll give the readers the feel of a typical modern day love story with an attractive title, bright colors and a funny cover image. The blurb talks about few people and the turning points in their lives and what all happens in the entire journey with clarity. The blurb holds up to the expectations and in respect to the title and theme of the story.

The story revolves around a young group of boys and girls namely Arnav, Ronit, Sameer, Atul & Aspree, Smita & Sally. Love strikes on the very first day as Arnav falls for Sally's beauty and from there on a love story starts to gather momentum but with a few speed breakers in the process. Few misunderstandings lead to an end of their love and from there on a NSS camp is arranged for the students and the boys try too woo back their love. But fate has something else in store for them as Arnav falls in love once again but this time it's Kiran and others too fell in a proper line and clean up their act in the process. But is the end result in their favor? This is what the story is all about. 

It's a fluent story. It has love, misunderstandings, sensitivity, friendship, naughtiness & not to forget desperation of the young souls. The book has more to it than meets the eye. The first half is a usual college love story but later on the story changes track but still holding the love angle and moving along smoothly. Characters, their visualization and the sensitive village matters have been sketched to perfection. Love too is not lost as the story moves into a serious zone in the second half of the book. 

The downside is the first half where it might not be able to spark much interest as there is not much difference in the plot of the story compared to the other books. Few words had to be taken care of properly like Maushi & Advisees. It's Mausi & Adivasi. 

The book is a clean and a clear attempt to portray love and it's course and some real life problems too which haunt few parts of our country with a different touch to it. It's light on reading but it's heavy on sensitivity of the subject and makes the readers move along with it very well till the end. It's a story with lots to offer. 

One thing this book highlights the best is: 

"Love knows no age, caste or any other barrier. If it is bound to happen and blossom between two people, it will for sure. No force on earth can act as a roadblock in it."


3 OUT OF 5.  

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