Thursday, September 26, 2013

Help Me Please (Chapter-3)

I was tired of the numerous flings I had. When I turned 18 and stepped out in a new world i.e college a lot of things came a long with it. Friends, fun, frolic, gossips etc. became part of my life. I was fun to be with and not to be messed with too. I was happily leading single's life but boys never escaped my eyes as I was part of a huge girlie gang. We would spend hours chit chatting about boys and sharing personal experiences with each other. 

I was busy in my own world until one day when he passed by. A tall handsome lad nearly 6 feet in height, impeccably dressed and a bright smile, white teeth and fair complexion and clean shaven face and a body which could make girls fall flat there itself. I tried hard not to stare at him but couldn't help myself. I was lost in staring at him along with the others and my eyes followed him till the time he became invisible among the crowd. One of my friends snapped me out of the moment.

Hey Tani. What happened? Where are you lost? 

Oh.. Ahh. Nothing. just remembered something. 

Or is the boy which just passed from here? 

No Sunita. nothing like that. You know me well. I'm happy being single. 

Ahaan. but Tani he is the one who increases our heart beat each and every time is here. 

Ahem Ahem. How come do you know so much about him Sunita? 


Everybody knows about him. He is Manav Thakur. The cool handsome and intelligent guy of our college. 

It seems Sunita you have developed a crush on him. 

What? No. no. Nothing like that Tani. It's just that he is irresistible. 

(giggles again)

Is he from our college? 

Yeah Tani babes. He is in the arts department. He often comes here as he is the president of our debate society too. 

Quite a star this Manu Thakur is. 

Corrections babe. It's Manav Thakur. 

Yeah Yeah whatever. 

I'm leaving now Tani. I have a function to attend today. See you tomorrow. 

Ok bye Sweetie. Love you and yeah will meet tomorrow. 

I exchanged hugs with her and this is how the love at first sight funda worked at me. Indeed he was too hot to handle. 

I became quite a stalker after that day and with the help of my friends extracted a lot of information about Manav. He was single. He was available. Girls lined up for him. Their jaws dropped whenever he was around. He wasn't rich but he wasn't poor either. Polite, humble and ready to mingle too. 

I just needed one chance to get close to him and after a few futile attempts an opportunity knocked my door. As he was the president of the debate society there was inter college debate competition that was suppose to happen in one of the rival colleges and our team was supposed to go there too. So hunt for some new and dynamic speakers was on. A notice was put up for the same on the notice board. I jumped with joy. 

I went for the audition and was awestruck as soon as I reached the auditorium. Lots of speakers were present and there he was sitting in the middle of the auditorium listening carefully to each and everybody with a lot of intent and passion. I had heard that he himself was quite a good speaker too. 

As I was lost in thoughts a boy came up to me and shook me hard. I was shocked at first and then he grinned. I got angry. 

What is it? How dare you touch me? 

Excuse me. You are blocking other's way. Kindly move away from the door. 

You don't have manners. You are not supposed to touch a girl. Illiterate fool. 

Woah woah. Calm down wild cat. 

This infuriated me more. I started shouting at the top of voice and the crowd was stunned. 

Manav rushed towards us and acted as a peacemaker between us. His attempts were proving futile. Suddenly the other boy said something which sent the temperatures soaring. 

You dumb fool girl. How dare you shout at me. 

This was enough to make me slap him hard. As soon as my hand left to connect his jaw call it god's cruelty or my destiny he ducked and it got connected with Manav's right jaw. 

People around me gasped for a second and some girls even fainted in the crowd. My eye balls bulged out as I had tears in my eyes and ran away from there. It was not the start I wanted. 

My crush and my probable first love went for a toss with the slap. Everybody just kept looking at me as I ran away from there as far as I could. 

(To Be Continued)

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