Monday, September 30, 2013

Help Me Please (Chapter-4)

That slap might not have left a physical scar on Manav's face but it drew the ire of many in the college. After a couple of days as I was standing out of my class I saw a boy walking calmly towards me. 

I gazed past a gathering crowd near the notice board and got horror struck when I saw Manav approaching towards me with confident and energetic steps. I felt lost and nearly had tears in my eyes. 

He came up to me and with a poise in his voice said, Hi Miss. 

Tttt.... Tanisha. 

Oh Yeah. Tanisha. I'm sorry that day I couldn't get your name in the midst of all the drama. 

I'm sorry. 

What? Can you speak loudly Tanisha? 

I'm sorry Manav. 

What for? If you are thinking about the slap it's all gone and forgotten. 

But I'm really sorry. I mean I didn't wanted to slap you. But it just happened. 

Ahh. Don't worry about it. I came up to clear the air. I don't hold grudges. 

Tears welled up in my eyes and he came near me and with his soft hands held my face and caressed my wet eyes and cheeks. 

Shhhh. shhh.. Calm down. I told you Tanisha there is nothing to cry or sulk about. Please get over it. 


No if's no buts's. Let's have a fresh start? Friends? 

He outstretched his hands towards me and I thought for a second and my hand automatically twined with his. 

He smiled and made a mocking gesture of a big smile and walked away. 

Days flew by gradually and we came over that incident. We two became close and people started gossiping about us. 

He was calm, I was outrageous. He was ever smiling and I was ever rude. Still he bear all my tantrums and from slapping fiasco to coffee and movie and best friends we became inseparable.

Gradually love culminated in our hearts. But both of us feared about the outcome and never confessed it in front of each other. It had been nearly 9 months in the college and we were together forever. 

Our bonding and love and support for each other can be gauged for the fact that he dropped by at 2 in the night to wish me Happy Friendship Day and I treated him in the morning over a cup of coffee. 

He usually used to sneak in my house which at first horrified me but later on became our  regular late night outings with each other. 

We never crossed lines of physical intimacy and restricted ourselves to holding hands and embracing each other. I guess there was a sense of awkwardness among us. 

"US" it sounded cute and caring for both of us. It gave me a sense of pride to have the hottest guy of the college besides me and girls including my friends seething with jealousy. 

There were a few times where we had disagreements and fights too about his extra sensitivity towards girls but he always laughed it off and cheered me up that instant. 

Valentines day grew close and I knew that something special will definitely happen this year. 

There was love but still there was no confession from his side. I had that old school funda in my mind that he is a boy and he should be man enough to propose me. 

I occasionally used to blush at this thought and would smile at my stupidity. 

He suddenly managed to disappear from the college a few days before Valentine's day. 

I was hurt about it because I his best friends expected an explanation but he didn't tell me about it. 

13th February was about to get over and nearly my head was throbbing with all sorts of thoughts about him. 

Suddenly my phone beeped and I got a message from him . It was 11 o clock in the night. 

"Be ready. Will come to pick you up in an hour". 

I was surprised. Till the time I tried to call him my phone beeped again. Another message popped up on my screen. 

"Don't call up please. Trust me and be ready". Mind you in your best clothes. "

I got all excited and nervous about the approaching moment.  

I ensured that my parents were fast asleep so that I could sneak out and be with him. 

It was "The Moment" I was waiting for always. 

(To Be Continued)

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