Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: Emotional Fool by Selva Ganapathy

Many a times in life people tend to experience few things which leave a long lasting impact on them. It may be good or may be bad. But it's after effects can be felt by that certain person who has undergone it and the people around him too. Author Selva Ganpathy in his debut book "Emotional Fool" has penned down his own life experiences which created an outlook for the future. So what are his life experiences? Let's find out. 

The protagonist, Selva narrates his life story ? his childhood, his upbringing, friends, travels, college life, career and Priya. The story revolves around Priya, his best friend and confidante who he eventually falls in love with & attempts to court. His sensitive nature leads him to take actions that are a typical & abnormal for people around him. What happens when he continues to let his heart rule his head?

First look at the title and it gives a touchy feel to it. The image and it's mirror image are a glimpse of a person who is sad and has undergone some trauma in his life. The blurb talks about the author who is the protagonist of the story too and some things which are going to change his life forever. It's a short and to the point blurb with a question mark in the end which can excite some readers. 

The story is of Selva and his journey of his first job from IIT Delhi, his friends, his active work for AID New Delhi and then his own family problems and the support he garnered and the love and care he distributed in people around him and then his attempts to woo a girl on social networking medium which fails and then finally he comes across Priya where his life takes a turn from where it's either a good or a bad end. Their conversations, their friendship and love for each other will be put to test and the end result will not suit many. What will happen to Selva in the end? Will Priya be there for him forever? What has life in store for both of them? That's what the story is all about. 

The USP of the story is straight forward and simple narration. The second point where it scores is representation of your own life without hiding facts and written with utmost honesty and dedication. The emotions love and friendship and it's after effects are scattered throughout the book. It's a bold step to reveal your own truth in form a book in front of the readers. 

The downside of the book is some grammatical and few spelling mistakes. The story though high on emotions brings nothing fresh in terms of story line and becomes too plain at times. The love and friendship dilemma doesn't have any excitement in it. 

The book is representation of emotions of a person and what he goes through in the end to achieve something out of it. It's a hope against the hope. It can make the readers cry a bit, smile sometimes and can jolt a few emotions too but you won't find anything new in it. It's a true story which makes it an interesting prospect for the readers. So keep your expectations minimum and be Selva's companion in his journey. 


3 OUT OF 5  

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