Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Because...Every Raindrop Is A Hope by Sankalp Kohli & Mansi Sharma

Life has been a teacher for all the living beings on earth since the advent of time. Not many have been able to decipher the correct path to lead their life in peace. There's always a turmoil or a phase where you tend to fall out of favor or waiver off in a wrong direction. Author Sankalp Kohli & Mansi Sharma in their debut book "Because...Every Raindrop Is A Hope" have tried to decipher the right mix to live a happy and a peaceful life. So is the book powerful enough to leave an impression on the readers? Let's find out. 

Because... Every Raindrop Is A Hope chronicles the life of Raj as he grapples with love, loss, consequences of wrong choices and his efforts to emerge victorious a midst adversity.
Raj, a small town boy from Kanpur, is a big dreamer, who after a series of twists and turns, ends up at an impasse in life. Because... Every Raindrop Is A Hope portrays his story with a series of nostalgic references about his past mixed with his present. Essentially a love story, the love triangle between Raj, Mahek and Shruti often leads the protagonist to make crucial life changing decisions. Subjected to the cruel realities of life, Raj loses more than he bargained for and ends up paying the price for his carelessness.At his wits end, Raj thinks about giving up when in a serendipitous moment he finds a note from his beloved professor, which tells him not to give up as every raindrop is a hope. Because... Every Raindrop is a Hope deals realistically with the issues of life, love and friendship. Raj’s relationship with his two best friends, Rahul and Rohan, defines a solid part of his identity. The breakdown of his friendship spirals Raj into a life of seclusion and despair. The crowded city of Mumbai offers no solace to Raj as he seems to be destined to walk through its streets in loneliness and agony.
Raj’s life is supposed to act as an inspiration for readers to endure hardships and not give up, as hope will always shine no matter how dark circumstances may be at the moment. Through various instances like love, tests of friendship, politics in college, betrayal, manipulation and survival, the theme of hope is brought out. Mumbai has been described with painstaking detail, making the crowded city a stark background to Raj’s eventual isolation. An element of mysticism is brought in with the mysterious man who guides Raj whenever he veers too far off the right track.

First look at the title and the cover and the highlighted word of the title "Hope" raises a lot of hope in a readers mind. The curiosity to read the book is aroused and the cover image is a cherry on the top of it. The blurb talks about a boy and his struggles to adapt and change according to the life's pace has been mentioned. The blurb could have been cut short a bit. It's unusually lengthy. 

The story revolves around a small town boy from Kanpur i.e Raj and his life's adventures through his eyes as he lives his past and tries to recollect the good and the bad which happened to him in a strange sort of occurrences and took away most of the angel side away from him and made him the devil which he didn't intended to be. His friendship, his love and & his inability to stand up to life's challenges is a best way to realize once own's mistakes. But will he be able to take control of the situation? What will happen to his love life? What will happen to his friends? What will happen to Raj in the end is what is the story is all about. 

The life's important lessons always to keep your head steady and never let ego or arrogance take control of your personality is a pretty strong idea in the book. The emotional turmoil and the struggle to get out of the mess self created by Raj has been beautifully crafted. Friendship & love are high in this story and the message and the impact it leaves on the readers makes it an interesting book for the readers. The simple narration is an added plus to it. 

The downside of the book is no difference in the story line from the other books. The story could have been made more interesting and few things happened or ended out of the blue which is an eye sore. The story in the middle could have been more compelling. 

The book though no different from the others in terms of the story line yet leaves a deep impression on the mind of the readers. The choices you make and the cautious you are towards life, the rich the rewards will be is the important message throughout the book. It lets you relive the good old college days through the eyes of the protagonist and the mistakes which you committed and not realized it that time. 


3 OUT OF 5 

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