Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Ex...A Twisted Love Story By Novoneel Chakraborty

Have you experienced love with equal amount of pleasure and pain? Have you always been loyal towards the person you love the most? Have you been able to carve out a niche for yourself and be someone's pride? There are endless questions to love and it's repercussions and one cant only think of endless possibilities. Author Novoneel Chakraborty in his latest book "Ex...A Twisted Love Story" takes you on a journey for love where nothing is straight as it looks. So is the twisted story magnetic enough? Let's find out.

To get to his heart, she seduced his mind.
What will you do if one day a svelte and sexy girl comes up to you and says she is your ex ? And the only thing you know about her is that you don't know anything about her.
Neel, an aspiring author, meets Nivrita at the Jaipur Literary Festival. Though Nivrita says she is his ex, he remembers nothing and yet everything about her seems to lure him to unravel the mystery she personifies. The more he is drawn to her, the more Neel feels guilty because he is already in a steady relationship with Titiksha, the love of his life.
When Nivrita makes a tempting offer to Neel, which he accepts for his own good, his life slowly begins to spiral out of control while Titiksha starts turning into a stranger until Neel realizes there's much more than his eyes can see and mind can recollect.

First look at the title and the cover and the thing which attracts the most is the tagline beneath the title. It's a twisted love story as suggested by the author which is more than enough to arouse the curiosity pangs of the readers. The title is simple and adds a touch of resemblance to some love stories but that's not the case in this book. The blurb has been kept short and simple and mysterious and talks about a boy's story who is about to encounter some of life's most unaccepted experiences. It's a good blurb considering the story line. 

The story is about Neel who quits his boring bank job and aspires to be an author. He has a perfect love life and is in a live in relationship with Titiksha. One of his visits to Jaipur Literature Festival spells a new angle to his life with the advent of Nivrita who makes a tempting offer to Neel which he is not able resist and fans his dreams of becoming a big author one day. But things start getting complicated with Titiksha and her possible love affair with someone which gradually leads up to the point from where there is no going back. So will he able to salvage his relationship? What is it between Nivrita & Neel? What is in store for him? This is what the story is all about. 

If one word is needed to describe the book it will be "Twisted". It's a book which will catch readers off guard with it's mesmerizing story line and alluring tell tale of Neel and his life. There are surprises ate regular intervals in the book and the command over the narration and vocabulary is fabulous. It's a book which cannot be put down even for a moment for the simplest of the things will make sense later on towards the end.. The emotions of love, betrayal, loneliness, infidelity and perhaps life's problems has been projected in the perfect manner. It has both dark and bright sides of love in one to make the readers dance to it's tunes. 

There are no faults in the book neither there's a dull moment in the book. 

If as a reader you are looking for a love story with a feel of newness and a fresh flavor to it, then without any second thoughts you can pick up the book. The mind of the readers will be churned to a maximum and in the end it'll leave you in a state of trance from where there is no coming back so easily. It mesmerizes, makes you high, makes you jump and shout & cry and in the end leaves you baffled. 


5 OUT OF 5

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