Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review: Dinner Date by Ishaan Lalit

A light read is always recommended after the stressful life we read nowadays. Those who are in to reading understand this proposition very well. It makes your mood and sets up the day beautifully. Author Ishaan Lalit in his latest book "Dinner Date" dishes out to you a light read in form of a unique narration. So does it works for the readers? Let's find out.

Sam Thomas, today he is a charming, well-dressed, successful lawyer, but he was not always so. He was a goofy, clueless, awkward young man. The first time a beautiful girl kissed him, he ran away screaming, which led to the rumours that he was gay. When he tried to put the rumours to sleep, he only ended up getting into worse trouble and got beaten up by the schools gymnastics team. Dinner Date is the story of one evening, when Sam recounts his story and tells of how he and his friends, Ram and Rohit, go from one fiasco to another in their law school, from almost getting expelled to meeting his estranged godfather, to falling in love with the Deans daughter. The trio fumbles through all the obstacles comically. Dinner Date is a love caper, set a midst moot courts, law school, politics and family secrets. 

First look at the title and the cover image and readers will fall in love with it. It has a catchy title and the uniqueness of the cover image sets it apart from the other books in the same genre. The brightened up colors enhance the experience for the readers. The blurb talks about a person's life and which way it is headed. The blurb is good considering the title and the look at the image which will tend to confuse the readers at first but everything will be clear at the end of the story. 

The story revolves around Samuel Thomas who is confused since his childhood. His first kiss ends up in a disaster and he gets a sound thrashing for that in the school. But over the years he has become quite a charmer. Now he sit in front of Malika who with him has come on a dinner date and he wants to narrate his story to her. When he goes back to visit his past the memories of Simla Law School from where he graduated with his best friends Ram & Rohit and the love of his life Aditi to the mischievous and casual attitude to his godfather Alex and his altercations with Ravi Ahuja his arch nemesis and from the Aziz Ansari and then growing up to work in one of the biggest law firms of Delhi but there are lot of other things which need his attention in life. What all are these things? Will he be able to hold on to Aditi and his career? Will his friends be there till the end? What will he become: A bad boy or a good boy? That's what the story is all about. 

The slapstick humor, the hilarious goof ups and court room encounters and a messed up college life and confused souls in love and career are all the USP of the story. There's not a dull moment from the start till the end. The first half is a fun filled ride but the second part is a family melodrama and a good one too. Emotions are mixed and mingled up pretty well all throughout the story. The characters most of them have played their part very well in the story. Friendship, love, family & career are the central point of the story. A fluid and a compelling and a unique way of narrating one's own life makes it an interesting prospect. 

Few spelling and grammatical mistakes are there in the book. The court show down could have been enforced more and made compelling in the book. It was little too easy and predictable in Sam's case. 

The uncertain ride is a joy to be on. There are lot of secrets, loads of fun and not to forget Sam Thomas who makes it hilarious for the readers. It won't bore you a bit and at the end you'll feel like all the money spent on it is worth. It's light on the nerves and the mind. 


4 OUT OF 5

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