Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: The Ekkos Clan by Sudipto Das

History has a lot of secrets hidden in its womb. Sometimes there's more to it than meets the eye. The problems lies in the fact it has been lost with time. Author Sudipto Das in his debut narrative "The Ekkos Clan" takes readers on a ride back in to time where things are not as it seems to be. So has he been able to give a clear picture of our enriched history? Let's find out. 

Someone wants Kratu's whole family dead. Is it personal vendetta or is it because they have access to Kratu's grandmother Kubha's stories, which conceal perilous secrets. The eventful lives of Kubha and her family span a hundred years and encompass turbulent phases of Indian history. From her ancestors, Kubha inherited a basketful of stories. Kratu, a graduate student at Stanford mentions Kubha's stories to Afsar Fareedi, a linguistic palaeontologist, in a casual conversation. Afsar quickly figures out that the - bedtime tales contain rich linguistic fossils and layers of history. Afsar, Kratu and his best friend Tista travel across continents to trace the origin of her stories. Their journey also leads them to discover one of the oldest civilisations of the world. But will their efforts also unearth the causes behind the series of murders.

First look at the title and the cover and people are in for a baffled look. It's completely unpredictable of a title and a cover image. The more you try to decipher it, the more it becomes complicated. The blurb talks about few people and some things from the past. It's a good blurb concealing the original motive of the book. 

The story revolves around Kratu, Tista & Afsar as they happen to get together on a quest accidentally which will lead them to some startling facts from their past and their present. A long list of murders, a mysterious grandmother, few incidents of the past and a long lost culture which is all bonded together is in the making for them. Together they have to decipher history's greatest secret which is hidden beyond their imagination. A story which will span in to continents and countries which have undergone a lot of changes over the time. So where will this accidental quest lead them to? What is the mystery behind all the murders? This is what the story is all about. 

The narration is taxing and the facts exhilarating. The readers will feel short of breath once the book is over. The research done on the subject and molded in to a thriller makes it very gripping and intoxicating. The second half is all the more exciting with lots of mysteries and twists and turns all the way. 

The downside of the book is a very sluggish first half and numerous number of characters in it. The regional aspect in the book is too confusing and could have been kept to toned down. The end is too plain and simple and pretty abrupt. The detailed flow of the book is missing in the first half. 

All in all the historical fiction fans are in for a treat. The book can churn out your mind with it's facts and terminology and coverage of the subject but the narration will leave you bit confused and lost at times. It'll take time to let the book sink in your mind and process the whole logic behind it.The book has given a new dimension to the long lost history. 


3 OUT OF 5  

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