Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review: He Loves Me Not by Vrushali Telang

Many times in our lives we are on the crossroads. What to do and what not becomes a question of prestige and image. Life comes to a stand still with all these thoughts hovering our mind. Author Vrushali Telang in her book "He Loves Me Not" goes about portraying some modern day society dilemmas. So has she been able to do it perfectly? Let's find out.  

Childhood sweethearts, good - looking Jimmy Cooper and plain Jane Mehroo Nasarwanji are now 'grown up' twenty - somethings. While Mehroo is loyal and crazy about Jimmy, Jimmy is anything but loyal and crazy about everything else but Mehroo. So while Jimmy charms his way through life naive Mehroo tries every trick in Pizzazz magazine to seduce her man. Will Mehroo come out of her shell and discover her true self ? Will Jimmy look beyond himself? Packed with colourful characters and a racy plot, the forbidden fruit is about two very different people who grow up together, learn about love and discover who they really are.

First look at the cover and the title and readers will understand the central theme of the book. Its based on love and it's dilemmas. The question itself is present in the title. The cover image is very catchy. The blurb talks about a person and his life and people surrounding it. The author has concealed all the important aspects of the story while giving a slight insight about the book. 

The story is about Jimmy and his life. He is a carefree 25 year old jobless fellow who is no good for his father. His love for next door Mehroo is limited to sex. His aims and ambitions are outweighed by his day dreaming. He stumbles across Ritu a high flying socialite who makes him rich overnight and life and priorities suddenly change. But then all is not expected to be the same. So what will happen to Jimmy in the end? Whom does he gets in the end? Where will destiny take him? Let's find out. 

The confused love story and life of a person in this book is the perfect recipe for a modern day setup. The dilemmas, commitments, love and feelings all are in question in the story. The book has a lot of soul in the first half and the middle of the story. The narration is quite pulling. The ups and downs of a person's life and others has been portrayed perfectly in the book. 

The downside is the second half and some characters losing their significance completely towards the end. The story is bit dragged at the end. The haphazard and sudden revelations completely take the charm away from the story at times. The character of Mehroo could have been more compelling in the story. 

The book is a good little mix of dilemmas of life and thoughts. What you want and what you need is the basic question which is being constantly challenged throughout the story. The story has it's moments and will keep the readers engaged for most of the time. It's a good coverage on modern day fears of the young generation. 


3 OUT OF 5  

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