Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review: A Soldier's Love Story by Sonia Kundra Singh

Not all love stories are the usual lovey dovey types. Every love story has some or the other aspect to it that makes it stand out among others. Some of the love stories over the time tend to leave an impression on the minds of many. Author Sonia Kundra Singh in her book "A Soldier's Love Story" talks about one such love story in the making. Is it different from the others? Let's find out. 

Can a dreadful past still save a marriage? 
Ranjeet's parents are keen to see him married and after seeing Jasleen's photograph, he finds himself drawn to her. An arranged meeting is decided upon and Jasleen, despite her reservations about getting out of her little haven says 'yes' to the match. He knew she was too young to be a bride but somehow it made sense at the time. Jasleen had her own set of demons to haunt her. Ranjeet seems like a safe bet at the beginning but she just couldn't give herself completely to him. Marriage was a huge step and she wanted to give herself another chance at being a woman. Ranjeet makes the sacrifice and they start leading their lives separately as strangers until a family emergency gets them together. Will they be able to find true love despite their reservations about a future together? 
Will Jasleen start life anew with Ranjeet? 
Or will she choose career over love? Estranged and indifferent, Jasleen and Ranjeet embark on being together for the sake of their family

First look at the title and the cover and readers will be in awe of the cover image. A very strong title in tandem with a beautiful cover image makes very heavy first impressions on the readers. The blurb talks about two people and their lives entwined together and how they manage it. It's a good blurb covering the important aspects of the story and leaving the details out. 

The story revolves around Jasleen a young simple village girl of Mukerian and Ranjeet an army man and son of a rich farmer family of the same village. Their marriage is arranged and Ranjeet is blown away by the beauty of Jasleen. Jasleen not willing to comply agrees to the whims and fancies of her mother but a spate of problems takes away all the charm away from her life. From there on there is a transition which changes her outlook entirely. So is Ranjeet the right man for her? Will both of them be able to survive together? Will their marriage last? What is the end of this story? That's what the story is all about. 

The unusual tag in this story will go along very nicely. The unique setup and the pairing of two contrast characters very appealing for the readers. The story line is very emotional and touches the right chords of the readers. The second half of the story is more engaging and the plight of a simple village girl has been highlighted perfectly. 

The downside of the book are few spelling mistakes in the characters name. The love making intentions could have been cut down a lot in the book. The importance of elders have been found missing in the second half of the book. 

The story very compelling and engaging makes it a reasonable consideration for the readers. The book can be loved for it's heart wrenching tale of girl and emotions of a soldier. The story has to be felt with a lot of passion and devotion. 


3 OUT OF 5

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