Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Syahi by Aman Sharma & Nehali Lalwani

Anthologies are a medium in the writing industry which try to capture the heart of the readers with all kinds of emotions packed in one single book. There is no clear outline but it's a surprise for the readers as they turn the pages and get acquainted with something new from different writers. Authors Aman Sharma & Nehali Lalwani have put up an anthology "Syahi" where human emotions and circumstances have been presented in the best form possible for the readers to enjoy and live with. So will this anthology live up to the expectations? Let's find out. 

They say fragrant petals make a beautiful rose which leaves an essence lingering in our hearts.Syahi is one such rose, one such saga of short stories, one such process of ideas beautifully created by 10 artistic, creative and enterprising budding authors. 
With each author tapping their creative self, with each grasping a different genre and each story better than the other, Syahi has been conceived to connect with those, wanting to grasp the best genres in one book.
From a thrilling, page turning story, to a soulful heart rendering tale to a romantic dreamy idea, to emotions in a relationship, Syahi is compiled to introduce you to the power of the pen by few of our talented youth.
Turn the pages of Syahi and indulge in the creative thoughts of our petals Salli, Nehali, Omung, Neoni, Khushi, Shrutee, Apporva, Ayush, Hitakshi and Aman as they drown you in their gripping stories. Feel the essence of each author, each petal, and each story of Syahi as you connect it with your life….and feel it unfolding.
First look at the cover and the various colors depict the various shades and emotions which will be covered in the book. The cover could have been more lively. The title is very suitable for the anthology and gives a very personalized touch to the book. The blurb is rendition of what one can expect from the anthology and what range of emotions is present in the book. It's a very good summation of the anthology. 

Story No. 1:

A story of whirl wind emotions, a buried past and some truths which just need to unfold at the right time. It's a mix of solace and sorrow for the readers. The story could have been much better. Editing at some places takes the charm away from it.

Story No. 2:

The story is an optimism and a door shown to the lovers. It's about embracing the positive and chucking out the negatives. The story is a blend of love and heart. It's a good story.

Story No. 3:

The feeling of deja vu when you realize that everything from the past comes back and hit you hard. The feeling of getting back and let go equally confuses your mind. It's a story of mixed emotions and the harsh reality which one has to accept some day or the other. It's a beautiful story.

Story No. 4:

A single moment can give or snatch away all but when it passes all that is left behind is either pain or joy. This is what the story is talking about here. One of the most captivating stories in the book.

Story No. 5:

A relationship whatever it may be always require love, care and attention from both the sides. One's ignorance always becomes the cause of downfall for the other. The story is about such relationships where everything has to nurtured just like a tiny plant to a fully grown tree. It's a marvelous story.

Story No. 6:

When you sit back and think about few things it becomes difficult to grasp the intensity of it. The story is one such narration where it all happens in a flash and vanishes. It's about ignorance, innocence and sacrifice. It's a story with passion and beautiful outline.

Story No. 7:

It's a story of hatred, revenge and sadness. The story though has some surprises but editing is found wanting at places. Few spelling mistakes makes it clumsy. The plot is a good one.

Story No. 8:

When disaster strikes there is no door or there is no warning for anybody. This is a story of survival and hope. It's a beautiful story based on real life incidents. A lesson for everyone whoever goes through this experience.

Story No. 9:

Pain and suffering are few things which handicaps a person completely. There is no way sometimes to get out of it. The feeling of helplessness churns out every ounce of energy from your body. The story is about brutality, pain and above all the cliched thought process of our society. It's a wonderful narration and an eye opener.

Story No. 10:

It's a story of acceptance and tenderness and how one feels about the other. The actions and reactions. The care and love for somebody. It's a fabulous story of sorrow, love and a cruel past. It sucks out all the emotions out of you as a reader.

Story No. 11:

A story of late realization and it's after effects. It's a story which could not ring something exciting. It could have been much better in many ways. 

Story No. 12: 

A story of realization and living life to the fullest. It's an observational piece of work and has been done justice with in appropriate manner. We can't ask for more from this story. 

Story No. 13: 

It's a plethora of emotions in a person's mind and then fearing for the worst to happen. Sometimes let go is the word in some situations. The story is a good and lovely observation but editing again goes for a toss in this one.   

Story No. 14: 

This is a story of unthinkable happening between the two souls. All may be put to risk but the outcome has to be satisfactory. A thoroughly grasping and gem of a story. 

Story No. 15: 

Some truths are meant to be kept hidden away for good. It's not unethical but at least it keeps the bonds between people as it is. Only with time it can be divulged. It's a story of innocent truth, a chance encounter and then a lifetime of happiness and peace for somebody. It's a very good story. 

Story No. 16: 

Justice is best served when dished out open in front of everybody. But what happens when it's not what we are seeing is the exact picture. It's a mystery which will spin the heads for sometime and then change it's complexion completely. It's a very good story with a unique story line.

It's an anthology built upon various emotions, observations, love, care, sacrifices etc. It ranges from light to intense kind of stories. The stories which will completely captivate the reader's heart are  3,4,5,6,9,10 & 14. 

The weak part of the book is editing which had to be a notch higher as it takes out a lot of charm away. The weak links of the book are stories: 1 and 11. 

The anthology is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the readers. A major chunk of the book is very mesmerizing and captivating barring few loop holes and some stories. It's an anthology which won't disappoint you on any count. 


3 OUT OF 5


  1. thank you meghant for reviewing it... one of it is the story from my close friend shruti .. :)

    all the best shruti ... hope you will soon step on the ladder of success