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Review: When Shall We Meet Again by Abhimanyu Rajarajan

Love stories are part and parcel of every man's life. Not all of them reach the desired end which one expects. Author Abhimanyu Rajarajan in his kindle e-book "When Shall We Meet Again" talks about love and it's implications on various people. So is he successful in bringing out a new side of love? Let's find out. 

What happens ?... when a software billionaire finds his company’s attrition rate scaling new heights? …when a programming de-bugger meets his ‘break-up” girl after 5 years? …When a revered Swamiji is asked to become a corporate trainer of an IT company?... when a cheerful flirt proposes to a girl who is yet to recover from a relationship shattered by infidelity?... when a college couple gets into a tent in an inebriated state during picnic? when a software Team leader is physically assaulted by her lover in front of her colleagues? …when a drunkard father meets his estranged daughters after a decade? … …when a pervert manager cajoles a new recruit to his private cottage? …when a doting couple’s aborted child enters the body of a Sadhu? … when a lonely girl is lying in bed fully intoxicated and at the mercy of a famished lecher? What happens?..... Passion, Love, Philosophy, Perversion, Thrill, Drama and Wit …..”When shall we meet again?” has a bit of everything….A IT industry romance thriller with lots of life's philosophy thrown in... 
Naren : A brilliant programming debugger; loved Aarthi at college. As he steps into a new relationship with Lisa at office, he finds his break up love Aarthi coming back again ; And he is in a dilemma 
Aarthi : A young petite girl just out of college ... Joins an IT company to find her past lover there... Caught up in a quandary between the cheerful Prem and the moody Naren.. Whom should she love? 
Lisa : A Software Executive. Loves her colleague Naren and will do anything for her love. Hides her sensitive feelings of love and tries to wear a dominant mask... May be she may have to shed it some time... 
Prem : A Happy Go Lucky guy who falls for the wrong girl and gets it right the second time... Or almost right ...Prem has an uncanny way of winning hearts and breaking his own heart
Narayan : A pervert Manager who is out to seduce the girls ... And when the girls cross his way, he lines up bigger dangers for them ...Even Rape is not beyond his scheme of things 
And with them… 

Aathmananda : A revered Swamiji who becomes a corporate trainer. Expert at transforming lives and making people come out with their deep secrets... But h 
What this book is all about ? 
Excerpts from When Shall We Meet Again ? 

First look at the cover and there are clocks and people around it. It's a kindle edition book so there's no feel to it like a paperback. The blurb talks about a lot of people and their lives. It's a very lengthy description of characters which could have been kept shorter. It's too lengthy even for an e-book. 

The story revolves around Jeevan his company Softbeam and it's employees and their lives. Naren & Aarthi are college lovers and when they happen to see each other once again in the same company a lot goes through their minds. Lisa loves Naren but is never successful in gaining his attention. Narayan is a cunning fellow and has his eyes on all the girls. Prem the new joinee too has a lot of interest in Aarthi but there's a lot in store for him ahead. Then comes Swami Aathmananda who on Jeevan's insistence tries to bring all of them together as a team by holding some sessions in his office. So what is in store for all of them when it all ends? This is what the story is all about. 

The story is about spiritual teaching, fatal attractions, wrong intentions and a lot of ups and downs in personal lives of people. The lessons of life in the book are worth reading. The second half of the story is very exciting with twists and turns in store for the readers. Emotions are well balanced in the book. 

The downside is slow and sluggish first half. The build up and the sudden change in the story towards the end makes it a contrast. Hindi words and spellings are wrong wherever it has been used throughout the book. The book is not able to balance the romance and the thriller angle. There's nothing fresh in the love story. 

The book is a good read but with lots of ifs and buts. The spiritual angle holds the fort but love and thrill doesn't brings anything new to the table. It's not the best of the classic tell tale around but it ain't bad too. 


3 OUT OF 5

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