Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Corporate Karma Is A Bitch by Piyush Sachdeva

Corporate world has a lot to offer to the employees. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it comes in the form of disaster. Either ways the motto of an employee is to accept the positives and negatives and take strides towards the goal. Author Piyush Sachdeva in his debut book "Corporate Karma Is A Bitch" tells one such corporate story. So has he got the ingredients right? Let's find out. 

Once an out of job MBA, Prateek remains optimistic and eventually lands his dream job in a retail firm. But a few months later he is just seconds away from a painful death at the hands of a sinister and ruthless serial killer.
It wasn’t meant to be this way. How did he get to this point?His dream job turns out to be a nightmare when it lands him in the epicenter of a dubious, larger than life blackmailing scandal. Slowly but gradually greed sets in and blinds Prateek’s judgment making him a co-conspirator in the largest scam this country has ever seen. What should have been a fast paced, intellectually challenging, glamorous and a lucrative job turns into a vicious circle of a scam, greed, lust, politics, blackmailing and sex. Prateek soon realizes that Corporate Karma is a Bitch. But it’s too late. He is in way too deep.
Now will Prateek die? Will he pay the ultimate price for his sins? Will he go to prison? Or can he pick up the pieces one last time, rise from the ashes and turn his life around. Come and be a part of Prateek’s roller coaster journey in the Big-Bad Corporate World.

First look at the title and the cover and it says it all. The cover could have been done a bit more tastefully. It's too dark. The title is a hint and an idea of what to expect from the story. The blurb talks about a man and his corporate adventures. It's a blurb which reveals a bit more than what is required. It could have been kept shorter. 

The story revolves around Prateek an MBA graduate who is out of job because of the recession. Then suddenly his luck strikes gold as one of the biggest firms of the country U Rock offers him a job and he joins immediately. His childhood crush also happens to be in the same office and it becomes a delightful start for him. But after sometime few events in his office and his angry boss Sunil makes life miserable for him. From there on his love, career and personal life all go for a toss as nobody including himself is able to sort out the mess he is into. So will Piyush be able to come to terms with the corporate world? So is Amrita going to be his love forever? How will his equation with Sunil hold till the end? That's what the story is all about. 

Corporate world is one big bad world for many and that is what happens here in the story for the protagonist. It runs on the line of exposing the darker side of the corporate set up. The story has interesting twists and a very intriguing story line and some surprises have been spread out very tastefully across the book. The narration is very fluid and simple and the readers will find themselves at ease with the whole book. The end and the whole thought process in the book has a different perspective to it. 

The downside of the book is editing and the sex part which has been overdone too much in the book. It could have been cut down easily by the author. 

Overall the story has a touch of everything what a corporate world employee tends to face at times. It has some big hot shot real life scenarios used up and some interesting quirky set up too. It's a story which has enough firepower in it to keep the readers engaged till the very end. 


3 OUT OF 5

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