Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: The Edge Of Power by Tuhin A Sinha

There are not many books today which highlight the exact state of political arena of our country. Facts and figures are a mere representation of what has happened to one the most powerful nations of the world. Author Tuhin A Sinha in his latest book "The Edge Of Power" has gone a step ahead and chalked out something special for the readers. So is it the exact presentation of the current scenario? Let's find out. 

The heinous gang-rape of Nirbhaya has jolted the Indian nation out of its apathy. But rape and violence against women are only symptomatic of a deeper malaise that ails the nation: the total collapse of governance under the weak and vacillating PM, Devender Singh. Ironically, aiding the PM and his Indian Democratic Party (IDP)s cling to power is a casual and largely indifferent Opposition led by the venal Ravi Nehra. A ray of hope finally emerges when ex-journalist and RTI activist Daivik Verma and the gorgeous Catherine Khan, a leading Bollywood film-star with a mysterious lineage, decide to challenge the existing system by floating a new political party. But lack of funds and cadre support thwarts their efforts, their only recourse being Shruti Ranjan, who had sworn off politics three years ago. Will Nirbhayas gruesome rape and her subsequent death bring a disillusioned Shruti Ranjan back into the political fray, dominated by crime lords and bankrolled by industrial barons? Will the trio manage to stage a coup and dethrone Indias worst regime? Will the land of great leaders like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka and Akbar, finally get a dynamic Prime Minister she so badly needs? A racy political thriller, The Edge of Power is a powerful inquiry into the underbelly of Indian politics. It raises important questions over the funding of Indian political parties, while presenting Shruti Ranjan, the immensely popular protagonist of The Edge of Desire, in a refreshingly new, resurgent avatar 

First look at the title and the cover and the readers will be filled with a lot of pre-conceived notions about the book and it's story line. It carries on from where the last novel was left off. The staring eyes and the the title are enough to stir a lot of emotions inside a reader. The blurb talks about Shruti Ranjan and her dealing and other people who are going to be associated with her this time. It's a blurb which conceals the all important parts of the story and makes the readers eager to find out about the book. 

The story starts from Nirbhaya's gang rape and the public outrage against it. A dummy government led by PM Devender Singh and an opposition party called Jan-Hit led by Ravi Nehra trying to maneuver the situation in their favor. But the failed attempts of political honchos in salvaging the whole incident leads to rise of Daivik Verma and his outfit ABP along with Catherine Khan a small time TV actress. They try to bring back Shruti Ranjan in the fray who has isolated herself from the worldly pleasures. But they don't know what awaits them ahead is a long and a brutal battle of rights, justice and a clean political system. It's a fight for power and a corruption free country. So will Daivik Verma be able to survive the onslaught? Will IDP and Jan-Hit party be able to save themselves from this wave of anger and disgust? What role Shruti Ranjan will play in the lives of people and for the country? That's what the story is all about. 

It's an enchanting story. No stone has been left unturned in order to get the facts and presentation of real life incidents right. The apt description and molding the entire scenario into a fiction story based on realism is a commendable effort. The meticulous research is reflected the way whole story moves around. It's dirty, brutal, gory, dark, emotional and ruthless. The political scenario has been fitted well in the agenda and Shruti Ranjan is back with a bang in the story. It's pacy and provokes the readers to ask for more while turning the pages. Nothing in the story nor the characters are out of place. It all has been woven with precision and care taking care of the sentiments of the people and the readers. 

There are no downsides of the book whatsoever. 

It's a perfect recipe served given the current state of affairs of the country. It exposed a lot and during the entire story it challenges the mind of the readers in one way or the other. The descriptive narration, the emotional high and lows and the brutal and dirty aspects of politics all come tumbling out through this book. It'll take you for a spin and then jolt you out of the reverie and make it worthwhile the time and money you spent on it. It is a book written with complete authority. 


5 OUT OF 5 

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