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Review: Impulse by Reekrit Serai

Anthologies have created a different space for themselves in the literary world and the market. Most of the times love is a common factor which is being worked and twisted to create short but meaningful stories out of it. Author Reekrit Serai in his book "Impulse" has penned down some short stories to stir up the romantic heart inside the readers. So has he been able to get the right mix? Let's find out. 

Impulse is an anthology of stories based on urban and independent characters like a young entrepreneur, an intern and her infatuation towards her boss, a college girl and her love for her classmate. The characters are strong and edgy, but all the stories revolve around one common theme – Love.

First look at the title and the cover and the cover image won't attract much. It could have been done in a better manner. It is a lackluster cover image which doesn't justifies the theme of the book. The title doesn't sums up the entire book but still arouses the curiosity of the readers. The blurb talks about the book and the stories and the common theme which binds them together as one. It's a nice blurb which works fine for an anthology. 

Story No. 1:

A father and son out on a stroll and some pleasantries which don't please the latter result in an awkward situation. An average story which felt incomplete and didn't do justice to the entire setup. It could have been given a more fine touch.

Story No. 2:

A recluse boy and a famous girl and love which is completely one sided and it's implications. It's a predictable story which suddenly waivers off to a track which is not expected. A very predictable plot in the end.

Story No. 3:

A young couple who experienced happiness and love and all the sorrows together. A support for each other. It's an ideal story which gives a cue of how to make life out of joys and sorrows. A touchy story and full of emotions.

Story No. 4:

A young man and his ambitions take him to soaring heights but gradually it catches up with him. A chance encounter with a sadhu changes his life around. A tricky story which has a lot of excitement and eagerness and an unexpected end which leaves readers puzzled. A very good story with all the hype and drama.

Story No. 5:

A story of a young boy and a girl who are helplessly in love with each other. A quirky story but lacks excitement and hardly anything to call it a story. It wasn't required in the book at all.

Story No. 6:

A whirlwind school romance and it's soaring heights but abrupt end makes many wonder about true love's existence. A story with a strong emotional force and a lot of hope and despair together. The story keeps the faith in love alive. A beautiful story.

Story No. 7:

A story of two lovers and their lifelong commitment to each other even after the odds are stacked against them and how it shapes up towards the end. The story starts on a bright note but gradually fades away with a very plain end. The love part is fine but the end is not up to the mark.

Story No. 8

The story is of a young woman who has to face a mob of 1984 riots and alone and she makes a choice which will alter many lives. A painful story with a painful end to it. The story is the blatant truth of what happened at that time with many families.

Story No. 9:

When lust takes over it doesn't sees any boundaries and in turn brings pain and only pain. The story is a most sought topic nowadays and it's a realization that sometimes you need to have some self control on yourself. It's a nice story.

Story No. 10:

A story of revenge in a professional setup and the jealousy factor working overtime. The story is a classic case of corporate rivalry. Though the story doesn't has a perfect end but holds it's own.

Story No. 11:

A story of a woman and a child and the wickedness and the layers of evil hidden beneath all the good. The story is an unusual story which make the readers shudder and shiver even while it is being narrated. A very good story with a touch of newness in it.

Story No. 12:

The story of a married couple and their marital woes and problems which keep on mounting pressure on their relationship. The story is good but it betters out towards the end with an end which comes out of the blues. A puzzling story indeed for the readers.

Story No. 13:

The story is set in the time of partition when there was a lot of hatred for each other and one such man tries to do the stark contrast of what others follow. A story of sacrifice and humanity with sense of understanding towards others. A beautiful narrative with lots of heart and soul.

Story No. 14:

Three stories molded into one and talking about the teachings of life and the self control one must thrust upon themselves. The stories are light and point out adequately towards all the common mistakes made by man but the end gives it a feel of an incomplete narration. Nice stories but more to it would have made it more meaningful. 

Story No. 15: 

The story of a young couple who are having a burden on themselves by living in a dead relationship. The failures far greater than achievements but still the sense of longing and sacrifice lingers on in the minds and gives a reason to survive. The story is filled with sorrows and despairs and makes a lot of sentiments arouse in pain. The story has a touch of affection and lots of love conveyed through some unspoken words. A lovely story. 

Story No. 16: 

A random meet and a chance friendship between two people. Will it culminate into love or will it be a disaster? A modern day story of random flings but genuine feelings, social acceptance and realization and then not caring about the world and let your mind speak on its own. It's a nice story with love written all over it. 

Story No. 17: 

A story of an office crush which is on the right track and hopes are held high when a lot happens on the personal front for a man and his lady luck turns around in a matter of days. But there's a twist in the tale. The story again reeks love and amplifies the word crush which sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't. It's a good story with life moving on as the main motto. 

Story No. 18: 

A writer and a young girl and their chance encounter ends up in a disaster. But life gives them another chance to rekindle that one odd moment which made them crave for each other. A story with a lot of desire and hope and truth and chirpiness and a lot of everything but not love. A perfect story for the readers to read. 

The book contains 18 stories and love is a common theme which makes the book run after all the emotions. A cue has been taken out of a lot of everyday occurrences in households and in normal lives. The stories which make the readers drool over them are 3,4,6,11,13,15. Some stories have depth and some lighten up the excitement and curiosity of the readers. The stories in the latter half fare better. 

The downside of the book is it's start and few stories which feel incomplete. A couple of stories could have been completely done away with. 

All in all the book works as an anthology and love as a theme gives the story a romantic and sometimes a sad touch. The book is noteworthy for it's pleasant feel and other factors such as drama, emotions which are plenty. Not a perfect one with everything striking the right chord but enough to keep the readers entertained and immersed. 


3 OUT OF 5

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