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Review: Meet The Strings by Chetan Jaiman

Anthologies are flooding the market and are running the diktat for now. Not all of them click and work with the readers. The monotonous themes have led down quite a many. Author Chetan Jaiman in his book "Meet The Strings" has chosen a path well covered by many in the past. So will be falter or rise above all? Let's find out. 

Since the moment I realized that it's not just the 'corporal of us' which matters, but also the sense and emotions which makes it who we are... I have got more disappointments over hypocrisy and prodigy called happiness. 
Certainly for a larger chunk of people the word 'self esteem' is one of the reason for the fervor on their countenance, but some have lost it in the the shallowness of their pseudo pride, which they called modern living... 
People born and die giving the definitions of life and what it cocoons but nobody has comprehended it in the real terms...
It's actually the question of conscience; nobody is taught morals in class or ethics in the temple, the fight to be a devil or angel in this world starts within and ends within. Nobody wins and nobody loses, nobody makes beyond life anyway. 
What remains is the journey, which we often miss and covet... and that certainly is 'Life'...

First look at the the cover and the title and it's not easy to guess what the book has in store for the readers. The variety of colors as cover image doesn't pin points to something concrete. The cover image could have been made better. The blurb talks about some excerpts taken out of some stories in the book and the choicest words make it interesting for the readers to pick up and go through it for once. 

Story No. 1:

A story of a curious kid who arrives at the door step of an author whose book has created furor in the media and some lives. Will he be able to unravel the truth? Will all his questions be answered? That's what the story is all about. The story has got a good flair to it and the surprises packed in it keeps it interesting till the end. Expect the unexpected when it comes to this one. Editing could have been handled in a better manner though.

Story No. 2:

Sometimes few incidents in life affect a human mind so much that your mind refuses to listen or apprehend to the commands completely. The story has passion, touch and desire and provokes human mind very easily. The story charges up a lot of emotions and brings us back to reality. A powerful story.

Story No. 3:

A story of a young man and some unprecedented events which have overtook his life and mind completely. Some things which are baffling and he is not able to comprehend about them. The story keeps the curiosity alive and makes the readers as what to expect next. Surprised galore and it's a difference maker in the book.

Story No. 4:

The story continues from the previous story with the strange happenings and the circle of life coming to an abrupt halt for a young man. The story ends in a unique manner with contemplation and guess work failing along the way. Previous part was more powerful than this one.

Story No. 5:

Two love stories written across two countries and having different paths and ends which can alter the course of life not only for them but for the others too. The story is a blend of romance and modern day issues in love and relationship and talks about love and it's obstacles. Both the stories are good and the experimentation to combine two in one works. Some mistakes could have been avoided.

Story No. 6:

Two friends and an altercation over a woman and it's repercussions which will haunt one of them for life. The story is gory, different and spine chilling. It has that feel scary factor in to keep the readers awake and jump out of their seats.

Story No. 7:

A story of an old woman and her near encounter with death which results in quite some eyeballs and some gasping moments for her. Again an out of the blue story which leaves the readers gasping for breath and imagination which cannot run wild. An experience in itself.

Story No. 8:

When the mind plays tricks with you it becomes difficult to contemplate what's going to happen next in your life. It's a similar story of a girl who just cannot fathom as to what is good or bad for her. A story where human psyche will fail and a lot will feel uncomfortable after the events unfold. The surrounding mystery and curiousness stays along.

Story No. 9:

A story of a woman giving up to the whims and fancies of the world and then later on suffering both the good and bad of the glitzy and sleazy world. The story has some high octane emotions which are bubbled up and are burst during the conversation. The story gives hope. sheds light and then sinks back into the oblivion altogether. 

Nine stories and the anthology delivers with a lot of stories with different story lines and some tasteful endings. The book has emotions, surprises, drama and a lot of curious things which leave the readers dazed for sometime. The themes are very good and the book doesn't follows one single platform or genre for it's tell tale. It has got momentum and narration is fluent. Most of the stories are out of the box thinking and dealt with command and flair. The book gives a feel of freshness and has a lot of new concepts put into it which works in the whole book. 

The downside of the book is editing and mistakes could have been sorted out properly. Some finishing touches to the book would have done a world of good to the stories.  Conversation between two people in most of the stories is a let down and has been not done in accordance to the standard format. 

All in all the anthology doesn't disappoints at any point of time. The book delivers the goods and everything from love to lust and from good to bad has been covered in one single book. Some blemishes though make it unsavory at times but some surprises in store for the readers make it a noteworthy attempt. A book with a difference. 


3 OUT OF 5

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