Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns by Riitik Babbar

Love is no easy thing to handle. It quietly seeps in to our lives and then make us dance to it's tunes. Sometimes it gives you moments to remember and sometimes it turns out to be a disaster. Author Riitik Babbar in his debut book "Unsatisfied Satisfaactionns" tries his hand on a love story and give it a magician's touch. So has he offered something different to the readers? Let's find out. 

Love sees no boundaries, religion or caste. It just happens and you have no control over your emotions until something external comes and tears you apart from that one special person. Unsatisfied Satisfaactions is the love story of Riitik, an ordinary Punjabi boy who falls in love with a Brahmin girl. From time immemorial caste and religion have been pricking the balloon of love. All you can do ultimately after you are torn apart is see each other happy in your respective lives and feel satisfied.

First look at the cover and the image and the essence of love can be felt around. The cover image could have been done better. The title is catchy but it's main purpose will be deciphered once the story is unveiled. The blurb talks about two people and their love stories and how it charts its course. It's a decent blurb enough to catch the attention and generate interest among romance lovers. 

The story is of Rittik and Niyati. They both are not of the same caste and their chance meeting leads to love blossoming between the two. Their course of journey goes through a roller coaster ride as there are ups and downs which ultimately leads to a turmoil. So will both of them be able to save their love? Who will sacrifice the most? Will their families agree? What's in store for the two innocent lovers? That's what the story is all about. 

The story is a simple narration and sought  some of the major issues in love i.e trust and sacrifice. The story runs on love lines all along and has some good parts in it. The initial half of the book generates more interest and better command. The letter towards the end is one of the very few good things happening in the book. 

The story lacks freshness and the depth to handle such sensitive love issues. The monotonous events and the vivid descriptions of Delhi doesn't adds up to the story line. The predictability factor is too high as the end turns out to be plain. All the characters have not been given detailed space and left out quite soon in the book. 

All in all the book can be enjoyed by romantics but those who have read this genre time and again it won't excite them much. The book lacks sparkling turn around of events and leaves a lot to be desired. It's not a perfect love story presented but has some valued points in it to charm the readers. 


2 OUT OF 5

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