Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: End of Story by Arjun Shekhar

Murder mysteries with their usual approach have been plenty in the market. While some manage to capture the attention but some just go off track. Author Arjun Shekhar in his book "End of Story" takes readers for a spin in a never before style. So will he be able to capture the readers attention? Let's find out. 

End of Story is about Shukrat Ali, a news anchor at a tabloid current affairs channel, Khulasa, is presently unemployed. Due to the Supreme Court's ban on all electronic advertising, all TV channels across the country have been temporarily shut down. An investigation is on regarding a new form of advertisements, which uses subliminal messages to play with people's minds and influence their actions. The story progresses into Shukrat's struggle to move on with his career, and how he is summoned to the court to testify in the trial concerning the murder of his ex-boss, Satya Saachi Sengupta. Satya Sachi was a mentor to Shukrat, but his involvement with the mind manipulation scheme cannot be a secret anymore. What will Shukrat do to escape from this situation?

First look at the title and the cover and the readers will not able to unravel the whole idea behind the book. The cover image has television and a strange looking title. It's dull and pale but intrigues. The blurb talks about a media person and his whole life which is in turmoil. A precise summary of the book quirks up a lot of things for the readers. 

The story is of Shukarat Ali who works with Khulasa and is embroiled in a controversy. His boss has been murdered and he is under the scanner. But there are a lot of complications in this media hyped story where no one can be trusted and what is there in front of the eyes is an eyewash. So how will Shukarat along with his wife Siyahi handle it? What role his boss plays and eventually ends up as dead? What will happen to the case? That's what the story is all about. 

A promising murder mystery which projects the events in dark and shed light. It goes in circles which makes head spin time and again. It baffles time and again and leaves a lot on guess work. The story's narration is simple yet unusual. The book has a lot of flavour in it and has some gasping moments which makes readers scratch their heads. The second half takes for a spin as it plays with the mind of the readers time and again. Suspense is available in the right mix in the plot. 

The downside of the book is it's dull first half. The build up to the whole lot of events is quite sluggish and the initial start doesn't connects the dots properly. The loose ends in the story in the middle too creates a divide between the suspense and entertainment.  

All in all the book has a different touch and feel to it. With it's unusual appearance and confusing story line it has all to grip the readers mind. It might not start off at the desired pace but gradually gets back on track and spells good lessons for the readers. The book could have been cut down on some unnecessary exaggeration but has some good elements in it which makes it a definite read for the readers. A promising murder mystery in a unique shape. 


3 OUT OF 5  


  1. Thanks Meghant for this encouraging review. From the perspective of a thriller alone, the first hundred pages might seem "sluggish" but i do believe it was important to build up the characters and plot before getting them started on the roller coaster ride...

  2. You're welcome Sir. It was important but a certain sense of excitement was required which I found missing. Rest all is fine with the story. :)