Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review: I would rather be his than hers by Amit Kumar Singh

Love has no definition. It happens either suddenly or with time. But it's up to a person to hold on to it and care for it. Author Amit Kumar Singh in his debut work " I would rather be his than hers" tries to charm the readers with a love saga. So what different he puts to the table for the readers? Let's find out. 

Life turns beautiful when you learn to accept that there is no failure in love. Love is not an exam to pass and not a race to win. If some person ditches you, just consider him/her an omen who made you understand that you deserve better.This is the tale of Aman, who meets different shades of love at different phases of life. Love had fluctuating definitions when he goes across different ladies as he grows up. At the mean time the story focuses on the life of Alex, a victim of sex abuse from a very tender age. His life was nothing but painful episode of rape, humility and ignorance. When he grew up, he discovers that his situations devilishly molded him to a gay. The story beautifully narrates Alex’s fights against the absurd rules of our society and sexual discrimination and his struggle for identity and where his quest for love ends.Let us go through the story and experience the crests and troughs in the graph of both of their turbulent lives. Let us find out if ever love succeeds in finding its way to Aman and Alex’s life.

First look at the title and the cover and the book shouts and shouts loud that it's a romance book. The cover image has been done tastefully and innocent faces add up to the whole book set up. The title rather long but has a hidden meaning to it which will be deciphered in time. The blurb talks about a young man and his life and all his love endeavours which help him in maturing as a man. The blurb is quite long and gives out a few bits of the story which could have been left out easily. 

The story is of Aman and his journey from school to manhood. His love shy nature suddenly turning around and as he experiences the subtle as well as wild aspects of love he becomes more mature. But there are repercussion and he too suffers at the hands of fate. Unceremonious end to his love trysts make him fall out of favour of everyone's eyes and a failed marriage adds up to it.  So will he be able to make amends in his life? Will love survive in his life? Will their be light in darkness? That's what the story is all about. 

The book works on love and romance both wild and subtle aspects and weaves his magic step by step. It works up it's pace and then gradually there is a shift in momentum and it steadies the ship out of the rough. The varied emotions talk freely and boldly and the protagonist's frustrations and wildness works in the facour of the story line. The social message towards the end is a nice finish to the story. 

The downside of the book is editing and the unusual length of chapters and paragraphs. Proper editing would have reflected the book in a proper shape. The sex part was way above the requirement and could have been cut down easily. The end looks abrupt and could have been polished off better. 

All in all the book carries off the burden of a love saga up to a good extent. The failures and success in love makes up for the excitement which is found wanting at times. The book leaves a good impression and makes headways but then it has not been given the befitting treatment. A story with spice, drama and a journey which can be related to realism of the society. 


3 OUT OF 5

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