Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Passionate Love by Shivangi Ramsay

Love stories are made in heavens. Some just happen too soon and sudden and some just take it's time to evolve into a bright relationship. Author Shivangi Ramsay in her book "Passionate Love" takes the readers on a ride of passion filled love from where it's a picture perfect world. So has she stirred some emotions? Let's find out. 

Rising lifestyle journalist Ambika Rana is known as a hopeless nerd, and a poor old maid among her friends and colleagues. Having absolutely no luck with men, she buries herself in her work, counting on a Pulitzer win that would set her on the road to stardom.Ayaan Ramsay is her exact opposite. He is India’s most eligible bachelor and a successful entrepreneur who built his fortune from nothing. He has everything yet he feels a void in his life that only true love could fill.So when her boss Shalini Sawhney asks Ambika to photograph the reclusive Ayaan for their popular lifestyle magazine Agaaz, Ambika takes it up as another boring assignment oblivious of the fact that love is about to sweep her off her feat.Will Ayaan and Ambika get their happily ever after?

First look at the title and the cover and it invokes a lot of sensual desires inside a readers heart. The passion is felt in the book image and the title justifies so. The heart rendering cover image just adds up to the excitement of the readers. The blurb talks about two people and how their lives get entwined in time. It's a good blurb hiding the story line from the penetrating eyes of the hopeless romantics. 

The story is of a lifestyle journalist Ambika Rana and a young upcoming entrepreneur Ayaan Ramsay. An assignment involving Ayaan leaves Ambika in a dilemma as it becomes tough for her to get hold of him. But a chance encounter changes all as it runs an entirely different course which none of them thought of even in their wildest dreams. But soon it all falls in place for them. So will Ayaan and Ambika ever be together? Will Ambika live her dream? Will Ayaan get what he wishes for? That's what the story is all about. 

The passion and the desire and the longing and craving for love in the story makes the readers heart ache. The book with it's fun filled and chirpy narration has a lot to offer when it comes to romance, love and some imagination leading to it. The dreamy sequences, the choicest narratives and some exchanges are worthwhile reading in the book. The plethora of emotions and the playful yet committed love story which develops as the pages turn makes it all the more interesting for the readers. 

The downside of the book is it's sudden and abrupt nature especially towards the end. It goes off the hook and disappoints with it's "twist in the tale" look. An expansion of sorts was required to make it more noteworthy for the readers. Also a lot of thought process happened to the characters in the book which could have been converted into some real time exchanges. 

All in all the book has an appeal and the right mix of characters and story to make reading experience interesting for readers. The book can be loved for it's direct approach and dreamy eyed details. Though it falls short towards the end but still holds on to the binding factor i.e excitement. It hits at the right places and catches the right nerve . A book with lots of love and a dream and a desire of every person who is in love or imagines love this way. 


3 OUT OF 5