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Review: Some Silent Steps by Jitender Rishi Parmar

Many times life becomes a learning curve for a person. You fall down and gather yourself from the initial shock and then move on to achieve greater heights. Author Jitender Rishi Parmar in his book "Some Silent Steps" takes some long and positive strides to create a balance of both heart and mind in order to get the best out for yourself. So has he succeeded in his deliverance? Let's find out. 

To be in love is an amazing feeling. You find yourself floating in the air of dreams even without the wings of patience. This delightful state of mind needs to be preserved in the happy house of our memories and here is the preserved particle of this mesmerized experience. Unlike an autobiographical narrative, 'Some Silent Steps' demonstrates our present time lovers and the terrible state they are in. In this modern day romance, where youth lingers between breakup and commitment, even if you choose to abide by a committed relationship, still there are certain inhibitions in your way to success.What if your commitment is contested by the family? What if there is a threat to your life in the name of honour killing? Read about the people who devised an escape route to attain fulfilment in love.Rishi went to Nai Sarak in Delhi to buy some second-hand books of English Literature. The random lines written in two books blazed his senses. Ritika Rohatgi and Shagun Yadav both were associated with the single guy, Ambuj Sharma. Inside the pages of those books was breathing a mysterious story of love, longing and fulfilment. There is a bed-ridden girlfriend, a dead beloved and a disillusioned friend. But true love never dies; it just sinks deep inside the heart. And it was dug up by Rishi. A beautiful story of friendship, courtship and romance was lying there. And the discovery begins. We meet Ritika, the symbol of pure love. Would she be able to maintain the purity of her love? We meet Shagun, the symbol of longing. Would her longing find an end? And we finally meet life which is interfered by societal norms, not sure on which track to move on? Bruised by the brutal act of Honor killing. All this cannot be left on time. We need to strive and follow some silent steps to attain fulfilment in love.The greatest act of disobedience to father was the Original Sin that our ancestors, Adam and Eve, committed. But still God did not kill them. They were just banished from the home. Who gave us right then to kill our offspring? How can we be so stone hearted? Are we greater than God??

First look at the title and the cover and a lot can be said and discussed about the story. It hints at being a love story filled with both joy and despair as the image suggests. The title adds a soothing and a calm effect to the book. The blurb is very lengthy and could have been kept short talks about some people and how they play a perfect part in each other's lives. 

The story is of few friends namely Ambuj, Vikrant, Aparna, Nitin, Jyoti and Ritika. Their journey starting from the college campus with lots of twists and turns and a bond so strong which cannot do them apart. But life has some more challenges up it's sleeve as all of them are tested under various circumstances from time to time. While some succumb but few prefer to fight till the very end. So what happens when all of them get together to give themselves a perfect life? Will  they be able to survive the test of time? What's there to lose and what is to be gained in this entire tale of friendship and love? That's what the story is all about. 

It's a tale of love and friendship and takes long strides in giving each and every character a space of it's own. No character feels neglected and most of them have been sketched well to keep the story up and running. The flow smooth, the emotions a roller coaster and the ride never easy gives good momentum to the entire set up. The plot has some surprises in it's second half which have dealt with the complexities of life with good command. The lows and highs when it comes to emotions compliment each other and make the story lively. The story is nasty and intense at the same time. 

The downside of the book is it's first half where the monotonous college romance leaves a lot to be desired. The college tale doesn't excites much and remains  a regular feature for a very long time in the book. There are few spelling mistakes too in the book which could have been easily avoided. 

All in all the story be it love or friendship delivers the idea to the reader with a great timing and equal fervour. Disappointment of the first part is quickly resolved in the second and the book flies off to a new high. The pitch and tone undermined with quality of words and ever changing emotions and perceptions. Life has been given a full view in the story and gives a lot to cheer and ponder about for the readers. A book with an mixed emotions. 


3 OUT OF 5  

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  1. Thanks a lot dear Meghant Parmar for sparing time and energy to deliver your observation. I am glad that you judged the book fairly...keep writing