Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Journey of Two Hearts by Anuj Tiwari

Love is a mistaken emotion. The more you toy with the idea of exploring it the more it sucks you in. It's a boon for some and vain for some. Author Anuj Tiwari in his debut offering "Journey of Two Hearts" traverses on a path which has bring cheers and pain in equal quantities for many. So what difference lies in this story? Let's find out. 

Journey Of Two Hearts! is an autobiographical story made up of 53 short and easy to read chapters that deconstruct love in urban India against the backdrop of a technologically-savvy world.Journey Of Two Hearts! begins with the author’s friend Maddy playing a prank on a girl named Pakhi using Anuj's phone. Anuj is an extrovert who never wants to fall in love. However, the prank leads to Anuj and Pakhi forging a bond of friendship that is strengthened over phone calls and internet chats. After months of conversation through internet, they finally decide to meet and soon realize that Cupid had struck them long back and that they are head-over-heels in love with each other. Their love reaches dizzying heights with no limits, no ends and no expectations whatsoever.Like in other love stories, they come face to face with a few twists and turns that threaten to tear them apart. Soon conflicts and struggles become a common occurrence in their once near-perfect romantic story. In Journey Of Two Hearts!, the protagonist Anuj takes the reader along with him describing the cherished moments that he spent with his beloved Pakhi, his days of hard work in college, his aspirations for the future and about the girl whom he had hopes of marrying someday. In a heartfelt and emotional way he talks about the circumstances that led to him losing the love of his life.The book was initially a diary that the author planned to gift his wife post their wedding. However, as destiny had something else in store for him, he completed writing the diary when he undergoing treatment for depression in a hospital for six months. Journey Of Two Hearts! is the book adaptation of that diary.

First look at the title and the cover and love is written all over it. The cover image could have been done in a better manner as it looks quite pale in comparison to the blurb. The title is also a perfect description of the story. The blurb talks about two people and how their lives shape up when they are in their teens and how it eventually ends up. The blurb is too lengthy and a few lines and rest of it as mystery could have done the trick. 

The story is of Anuj, a young boy who stumbles across Pakhi a young girl and from there on friendship blossoms with a lot of false starts. The journey culminates slowly and steadily as it evolves into friendship, then love and then takes it to a new height. Love makes them inseparable as it prolongs their relationship and make them wary of many new ifs and buts in life. But with time outside interferences and some unexpected problems galore and dent the sanctity of the whole relationship. So will Anuj be able to set right all the wrong? Whose fault is it and will they accept it? Will love turn out to be a saviour in their relationship? What will happen to Anuj & Pakhi's love story? That's what the story is all about. 

A true love story with a lot of complex emotions and truthfulness in itself makes the story readable. The journey is a turmoil and has highs and lows in equal fervour. The book traverses on both positive and negative braces of love with command. The thoughtfulness and innocence in this love story is reflected all throughout till the last page. 

The biggest downside of the book is the editing. Grammatical and spelling errors are an eye sore. The language could have been done up in a better manner. The presentation and the narration lacks excitement and it becomes repetitive soon after. The uniqueness in this whole love story is found wanting and lack of proper character build up and environment adds to the dull finish of the book. 

All in all the story had some moments to cherish and retrieve it from the deeper and darker pits. The story line not very engaging but has emotions scattered a lot in it. The highs and lows will sink the heart of the readers but lack of proper touch up to the whole idea becomes mood spoiler. A book with lot of purpose but lack of freshness and intensity. 


2 OUT OF 5

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