Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se by Kuhoo Gupta

Poetry has the power to erupt various emotions with it's narration. Sometimes the words might be few but it can be as exploding as a book or a story. Author Kuhoo Gupta in her poetry collection "Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se" takes readers on a journey of life with poems penned down from various minute observations and experience. So has she been able to stir the right emotions of a reader? Let's find out. 

Zindagi Ke Martbaan Se' is a poetry collection written in conversational language - Hindi mixed with Urdu and English. The poems are inspired by a plethora of topics like love, nostalgia, remembrance, random human emotions, natural beauty and spirituality. It is something everybody will be able to relate to because it is inspired from the jar called Life that everyone goes through. It is something that will make you cry, smile or just appreciate in your leisure moments. 

The title and the cover are pretty much in line with what the book has to offer the readers. The cover image with  a touch of gold but dull. The title intriguing and asking the readers to delve deep into the poems and savour the various aspects of life. The blurb is only a brief description of what a reader can expect from the book once the pages are turned.  

The poems in the book are largely based on life and various everyday human experiences so it manages to capture quite good attention of a reader. The sing song narration prevalent and right mix of brief and long poems. The words and vocabulary able to spin the right kind of aura which is required to read the poetry. 
The sense of belonging is there in the book and it makes you feel comfortable with it's flow. The aspects of life have been given a lot of space and rightly so it manages to build  the right flavour for the audiences. 

The downside of the book is it's initial narration in the first few poems. The poems not able to hold up the attention and feeling incomplete at times. The short two liners and four liners in form of poems could have been avoided after an initial burst. 

All in all the book with it's unique exhibition of life takes readers to a calm and peaceful journey. Most of the times reviving the olden days where poetry had it's relevance and meaning. A nice attempt to get the form back into existence but the fine touch found wanting at times. A light hearted book by the author for the readers to savour of what life is for everybody. 


3 OUT OF 5

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