Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: The Einstein Pursuit by Chris Kuzneski (Payne & Jones, #8)

Creation is a certain virtue which everyone possess and taps the way they deem fit. The term fiction is also a creation of characters, a tale and an aura which sets apart everything from the normal day to day affairs. Author Chris Kuzneski in his book "The Einstein Pursuit" goes back to his roots and revive the Payne & Jones duo to deliver another thriller filled with fun,gore and suspense. So has he been able to win the battle? Let's find out. 

Payne and Jones return in this electrifying thriller from internationally bestselling author Chris Kuzneski. A lab destroyed. An explosion in Stockholm claims the lives of an elite collection of scientists. Evidence suggests the blast was designed to eliminate all traces of their research. It's up to Interpol director Nick Dial to uncover the truth about the lab and the attack. A scientist on the run. When Dr. Mattias Sahlberg learns of the incident, he knows his life is at risk. He turns to the only men he can trust: ex-special forces operatives Jonathon Payne and David Jones. Together, they must save Sahlberg from the unknown forces that want him dead. A miraculous discovery. As Dial's case intertwines with Sahlberg's past, Payne and Jones uncover hidden truths and secret agendas involving the world's greatest minds. But there are some who are desperate to keep such radical advances in the dark and will stop at nothing to have their way.

First look at the title and the cover and one might end up concluding that it's a historical fiction with a pace. But that's where it all gets wrong. It has a reference to history but that doesn't overpowers the modern day dynamics in the story. The blurb talks about the return of the two wily characters of the series and their latest exploits related to a bomb blast and set forth. The blurb manages to wade away any chance of getting an insight as to what is there for the readers to decipher. 

The story is set off in Stockholm and other parts of the world. There has been a blast in a lab in Stochholm and it gets Interpol and other investigation agencies in the picture. But back in America there is a scientist who is under an imminent threat which can only be prevented by the retired ex-forces duo of Payne & Jones. But then the scattered events around the world get connected and it's now upto the duo to decipher the motives of the enemy. So will Payne & Jones be able to complete this science saga? Will the adversary prove to be too clever? Or will it be a collateral effect of sorts and put everything and everyone in grave danger? That's what the story is all about. 

When classic crime thrillers with adventures are penned down they only have one motive i.e to keep the readers hooked. That is what this book manages to do clean and simple. The master stroke is the unrelenting action and drama and suspense behind the science saga. Combining two contrasting fields i.e science and action it becomes one deadly combo to handle. The book has a furious pace and the events marked in a perfect fit to make it all sense for the readers. The story never leaves the desired path and creates a subtle balance of dark and hope to keep the curiosity alive. 

The only downside of the book is the enemy side which doesn't quite create a stir in the minds. It looks pale to the heroics of Payne & Jones. It should have been a much more ruthless approach rather than. a scattered one in the entire story. 

All in all the book is a classic adventure involving thrill, drama and suspense and leaves the readers in a daze. The book pulls off all stops to create a breathtaking and riveting out of the box thriller with a perfect set up. The story manages to turn over its head and make it all the more exhausting and exciting for everyone. There's no banter rather direct action involved which engrosses the mind completely. The telltale is a dreamy desire of every reader to indulge in and gallop away to the end. 


4 OUT OF 5 

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