Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Private by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Private, #1)

Thrillers and thrillers. Where's the thrill in that? But when you get 3 in 1 mania going down in a book it becomes difficult to avoid. Author James Patterson & Maxine Paetro bring together 'Private" under a new series to woo the readers out of their wits. So are they successful in their attempt? Let's find out. 

Jack Morgan decides to resurrect his father’s old private investigation company, named Private. His father served several years in prison and left Jack the resources to make Private a large company with a global presence. In this first book, Jack focuses on three cases. The first relates to a large NFL gambling scandal that Jack’s uncle commissions his company to look into, because he believes organized crime might be involved. In another case, eighteen schoolgirls are dead. The police have no leads in the matter, and the killers seem to have escaped for good. The third case, however, is more personal. It’s related to the murder of Jack’s best friend’s wife. Adding to Jack’s problems are his brother’s gambling weakness, and his personal feelings at having left his men behind to die in a helicopter crash years ago when he served as a marine copter pilot in Afghanistan.

First look at the title and the cover and a reader can easily shout "Mystery and Thriller". The book cover says it all though it lacks depth and doesn't packs a punch either. The title borrows heavily from the series name and is self titled. The blurb talks about an agency and three different cases they are working upon. The blurb is good considering the fact it doesn't gives us any hints as what to expect from the book. 

The story is of Private, an investigation agency which has been inherited by Jack Moran from his father. Along with the brightest and curious minds Jack works his way around to solve cases ranging from murders to kidnapping to private detective work etc. But three cases simultaneously brings halt the entire operation when the agency is embroiled in a schoolgirl murder case, NFL betting scandal and cold blooded murder of a close friend of Jack. Soon the team find itself at crossroads as they don't have leads and head starts. So will Private's skills and charisma work around its way or will the cases dent their image? That's what the story is all about. 

Three story lines gelled in one is always an exciting prospect and one gets to read variety. The author scores some brownie points when the mix and match works up to a certain level. The book scores on suspense, mystery and feeds on fear and helplessness and brutality of the cases. The team and individual characters shine and outshine their own self. The calm and sudden hail storm are in equal measures in the entire book and gives a befitting touch to the thriller. As an agency the outlook and the best of the business tag and their pokey nature is fun to read and plucking out everything out of nothing becomes a specialty of the story.  

The personal vendetta proves to be the downfall of the book. The NFL story proves to be a party spoiler. The sex and intimacy could have been toned down to a limit. At times the antagonist looks pale in the story and weakens the brutal effect. The end is dull and scampers through which is not ideal for the book. The end could have been more spot on and a touch more ruthless. The mellowed outlook certainly is weakening.

All in all there is an entire mix of hot and cold atmosphere in the book. The drama continues to drive the entire team and the reader and keeps it effective to a level. The book falters at times but manages to scamper through and sweetens the deal with other deliverance. The book isn't as tough as its outlook is portrayed but still proves a point or two with the combination of grit and brute. The book is a jolly good entertainer but not a spectacular runner. 


3 OUT OF 5   

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