Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Your Dreams are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh

Everyone has a dream. Dream to do something big, a dream to change the society and a dream to give the world something for which you will be remembered. Is it that easy to live a dream? The answer is no it isn't. Author Ravinder Singh in his latest book " Your Dreams are Mine Now" sets on a trail from where there is no coming back. It's not a journey that gets easier any day or anytime soon. So how well the author has traveled into this less traversed path? Let's find out.

Your Dreams are Mine Now explores the romantic relationship between Rupali and Arjun. They are complete opposites and have nothing in common when it comes to their interests and priorities in life. Rupali is a small town girl and an idealist, whereas Arjun is a Delhi guy with keen interest in youth politics. A major scandal on the college campus brings them together and somewhere along the line they fall in love with each other. Set against the backdrop of heavy campus politics in Delhi University, Your Dreams are Mine Now will make for an engaging and riveting read for those who enjoy love stories.

First look at the title and the cover and a reader will deem to fall in love with it. An exquisite dreamy sequence awaits a reader and the title is a proof to it. The blurb talks about two people and their whirlwind life which will unfold in many ways. The blurb is a witness to what you can expect as a reader and leaves a lot to imagination. 

The story is set in D.U where Rupali has arrived from Patna to relieve her dream. As time flies she gets to know the inner delicacies of matters in the campus. A chance meeting with Arjun sets tone to a blossoming friendship cum love but with it comes an unknown destination which will engulf her and embrace her like her own child. The politics and love walk hand in hand and try to become a dominant force. So will Rupali be able sustain it? Will Arjun be present by her side all this while or will she walk alone on this treacherous path? Only time will tell. 

The story uses it's strong suit i.e love to perfection. The delicacy with which the emotions are handled is plain joy to read. It revolves around budding campus life, the excitement along with it is a thing to which a young collegiate can relate to. The D.U setup adds to all the love and friendship drama and makes it a worthwhile structuring. The book also has a political agenda somewhere in it which gets a voice in the first half and is carried on with a purpose. It lends a tone of harsh reality and sets the stakes high in this embroiled scenario. The end becomes the USP of the book as it unwinds some not so distant memories. 

The book fails to capitalize on the political angle and fizzles out with time. The strong portrayal of an antagonist and carrying forward the agenda is what should have happened which is completely amiss in the story. The pompous start pales in the second half where it turns into a love story and loses its purpose entirely.   

All in all the book is not able to create a balance between love and politics. Love thus gains an upper hand and politics becomes a mere footnote in this saga. The book turns out to be decent on aspects of love and emotion but what it promises it fails to deliver in entirety. As a love story it offers you the similar college romance which can be enjoyed to but it comes with striking similarities, on the other hand the word to which no one relates to as much i.e politics is a distant entity and turns out to be half baked effort. A decent but not so strong deliverance. 


3 OUT OF 5


  1. Frankly i would like to say that Ravinder Singh had lucidly presented a beautiful story but it is not a love story .The reason behind that only maximum 45 page of the book flourished with love else it is messed with corruption ,ambition and politics .This story is really heart touching because it resembles with Nirbhaya case.
    Hope next time we will get a love story rather than biographical story.
    One should not have to purchase this book as illusion of love but the should have to purchase this for their awareness towards the pathetic condition of the society.

  2. very cute luv stry but it also made me vry emotional whn rupali was dead... and arjun was broken as he lost his first love... :(

  3. I find ravinder Singh writing childish he lack good vocabulary ... neither his words touch my heart nor creates any emotions ... its a waste to read his books

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  5. Rupali shouldnt have is a good story.....but could be an excellent one of rupali hadnt died....left me in tearsT_T

  6. Its really shame on you Ravinder Singh to use Nirbhaya incident for your profit and name, I loved your first book "I too had love story" it really touched me so I decided to buy your other books, second book was okay but when I read the book "your dreams are mine now" I got disappointed and lost all the respect that I had on you, If you don't have original idea better don't write or stop writing rather than using a heart felt incident for you personal gain and profit. its really shame on you Ravinder singh and I feel like that you have raped Nirbhaya again, which is brutal.

  7. It was simply rubbish to read such a book.
    Poor vocabulary.
    1/3 rd of book talks about politics. Then, next 1/3rd about their relationship (typical bollywood drama) and next 1/3rd about a rape incident then over.
    Like literally?
    Ravinder Singh have you lost your mind?
    I loved your first novel but this one was disgusting as hell.

  8. I wud simply say that was this seriously written by Ravin???? I mean seriously??????
    Well herez an advice that same climax not going to work always.. !!
    Wasted 3 days of mine