Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Scarred for Life, Healed Forever by Ashwati Menon

History is a witness to unusual. From sightings of aliens to supernatural powers it's all debated and speculated upon. Concrete answers have been nil. Author Ashwati Menon in her novel "Scarred for Life, Healed Forever" plans to challenge the limits of human abilities and deliver something strange. So does this strange idea works with the readers? Let's find out. 

What are these strange visions? What is wrong with her head? Why does she gets strange feelings before any accident? Nishtha Vaidya is a survivor of a terrible natural calamity. Not only does she live on with survivors guilt, her mind is still there, on the ill-fated day and she could never come out of it. Just when things are beginning to settle slowly in the safe and cozy life in vibrant lifestyle of Gujarat - Nishtha is getting strange visions and headaches. Life is taking her back two years in time and she finds she is running around the state, saving different and unknown lives from mortal peril. Will Nishtha get answers to the mind blogging questions? Will Nishtha be able to pay tribute to her friends whom she lost? Has her untold love story got anything to do with it?

First look at the title and the cover and the the lone illusion image of a girl leaves some confusing impressions. It works in the author's favor. The title is too shrouded with mystery and there's not much to be deciphered. The blurb talks about a girl and her life's unusual occurrences which leaves her mystified. The blurb asks a number of questions which created an element of doubt in the mind of the readers. Few questions in the context of the story leave generous hints which is a blooper. 

The story is set in Ahmadabad where Nishtha Vaidya is leading an abnormally sane life. Her constant vigil against the past events is futile as it comes back to haunt her in capacity. Her strength to handle the entire sequence is wane. She feeds off on the support of her family and friends yet there are few unexplained ideas in her life. So what is it she battles with? Will she be able to launch herself forward? Will life give her another chance to be normal again? That's what the story is all about. 

The story has an idea which is not spoken or read of at great lengths. The story is set with chain of events which is not an everyday affair. The path of unknown is the pillar of the strength of the book. 

The downside of the book is it's grammatical exposure. It turns out to be a party spoiler as the command is lost with numerous mistakes in the book. The story is hampered continuously and there's not much to work upon. The idea too is delivered with start and stops and the entire chain of events never sets in a single motion. The story turns out to be too clumsy and short to give a strong finish to the book. 

All in all the story required a lot of patience and growth. It fails to excite the reader. The idea is appealing but the construction of the book is appalling. There is a story and a bright idea, yet it fades into the sands of darkness with failed attempts to revive it. The bright spot paled with the rough edges. A story with potential but average deliverance. 


2 OUT OF 5   

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  1. Brave attempt for a novice writer. This science fiction fantasy might go down well with new readers but for veteran readers this is too much to stomach . The writer has treated paranormal activities on a par with common cold or something where everybody takes it in their stride . Despite frantic attempts to convince the readers that all of us possess such powers and need only to tweak it to become another of her characters. But there is a good story teller with good command of English language and might become if she can develop a predictable style where the readers will not have rack their brains to decipher the hidden meanings and do the work the editor should have done.