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Review: Decoding Life by Vikas Singal

There are many aspects of life and even an entire lifetime is not enough to uncover the truth behind your existence. There's a word called "miracle" which acts as a bridge between the known and unknown. Author Vikas Singhal in his book "Decoding Life" tries to bridge the gap with his own experiences. So does he lives up to the expectations? Let's find out. 

Decoding Life is an anthology based on relations, love and human perceptions. The Taxi Driver depicts the emotions of a young lady on a thunderous night in Mumbai when she takes a local taxi driven by a fiery driver. A Rain Kissed Tuesday is a Hindu-Muslim love story where Aditya falls in love with Arisha on a rainy day. One of the stories, talks about the tension and the excitement of two people who are about to get married. Two states brings up the small environmental difference felt by two friends who are living in two different states.This sparkling anthology covers a wide range of human emotions. This would make you feel good when you decode them one by one. The stories talk through silences and are very thought-provoking! Enjoy decoding the various codes of life we live.

First look at the title and the cover and the book doesn't leaves a spanking impression. The cover pales in context of the title and lacks emotions or depth. The book is a collection of 10 short stories that is what it tries to state in the blurb giving faint ideas of what to expect from the novella. 

Story No. 1: 

A story about fear and inhibitions of a girl. Those real life incidents which change your attitude towards everything. The story felt incomplete but had a nice message of humanity in it. The biggest flaw of the story was when the modes of transportation changed from auto to taxi and it continued for the entire length. Along with that grammatically the story had errors which again leaves a shambled impression. 

Story No. 2: 

A story of love so innocent so pure yet unspoken and unfinished. The story leaves a very lasting impact on the mind with it's tell tale. There are tit-bits which reeks of divinity and gives impetus to the entire drama. A picture perfect story. 

Story No. 3: 

A story of complete understanding and the respect and vague ideas of life when distances play a crucial role. It's a nice story with a befitting finish. There's a touch of emotion which keeps the entire idea alive. 

Story No. 4: 

Sometimes there are perfections in imperfections. That is where the heart of the story lies but it turns out to be a dull affair and gives no refreshing meaning to the book. It is predictable and more of a formality in the book. 

Story No. 5: 

A unique idea to learn a life's lesson. Be it this way or that way you get to know so much about the hidden entities of life. It's an idea out of the blues but works as a short story. 

Story No. 6: 

A story of two friends and their bond which develops and grows with time. Sometimes it takes a single incident to test the strength that is where the story lays it hands upon. It's a meaningful exhibition of bonds and friendship and lingers on the mind for sometime. 

Story No. 7: 

The story is rather something which doesn't quite makes sense. It starts off passionately but fizzles out a bit too soon. A timid affair and lack of clarity too. 

Story No. 8: 

A story of brave hearts and young lovey dovey souls. It never hits off the right note and the chord remains but to connect it to a greater medium. It lacks intensity and predictably looks too filmy and incomplete in the end. 

Story No. 9: 

Uncertainties are liked and when it comes to matters of love and infatuation it makes all the more alluring. The story sets apart the usual barriers of love and steps in to the territories of unknown with a finish which makes the heart yearn for more. That uncertain end which will make you crave for a bit more and expectations at the peak. 

Story No. 10: 

There's always something about a mysterious personality. it tends to kill you all the more and look for something zingy. This is how life throws you in unexpected circumstances. The story starts up well, builds the drama and then suddenly out of the blue there's nothing fancy to worry or talk about. It looks a flat attempt to achieve something electric and never gets into the groove. 

These 10 stories somehow or the other try to change the perception or influence our thoughts. It talks about various aspects of life with liberty and throws the readers into a quandary with some strange circumstances. The give and take of emotions keeps the book going. The spirit of the stories are lively and let the readers choose out of the offerings to best suit their life. The best story offered in the lot are story no. 2 and 5.

The downside of the book is it's very limited experimentation. Some of the stories are very duller and fail to throw light on what to expect from them. Some bereft from good endings and some completely out of tune. Some more dimensions could have been exploited. Grammatical mistakes are there which is one eye sore which hits the first story hard and fast. Lack of uniqueness in some stories too, slides the graph rapidly. 

All in all decoding life, thus manages to unlock some of the secrets of life. A subtle approach to a complex subject. A larger than life approach is what it lacks at times. Some stories cover up the lack of intensity but it doesn't suffices the appetite. The spark is there but on the behest of incompleteness and that makes some ideas suffer. An average performer with some keen promise for the future. 


2 OUT OF 5 

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