Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Hopelessly in Love by Sonia Kundra Singh

Teens bitten by love bug can be seriously sunk into a world of red dreams or can be sunk in the marshmallow of darkness. There are times when you experience both. Author Sonia Kundra Singh in her latest book "Hopelessly in Love" let readers go for a spin, mind you a treacherous spin from where it's either a red painted lovey dovey end or there is a void which will leave everybody in a frenzy. So which way is it headed? Let's find out.

Aryan had been Shelly's sister Shruti's boyfriend. He was handsome and the perfect man in Shelly's eyes. But her teen crush on him had come to nothing. Aryan?s brother Niven was in love with Shelly. However, when he learnt of her love for his brother, Niven left for an education abroad. Shelly soon had no contact with both brothers. But life brings them full circle, when Shelly goes for a job interview with who else, but Niven and Aryan, in their family firm. Niven is a tough man, harsh and uncompromising. He does not seem to have forgotten nor forgiven their past. Will Shelly be caught between both brothers again.

First look at the title and the cover and no rocket science will be required to decipher the gist of the book. The cover looks far from impressive though a broken heart tries to leave some generous hints. The blurb talks about few people and how their lives are intertwined to each other. The blurb could have been given a more exciting touch rather than sticking it with the story. Some off shooters could have been thrown at the readers to keep them off the scent.  

The story is of Shelly, her sister Shruti, Niven and his brother Aryan. There's a love cosmos involved and Shelly is amidst entire fiasco. Her tussle to keep up with the worldly pleasures bears fruitless punches as Niven hits on her and she hits on Aryan. But eventually it all fades away and Shelly has to survive with the thoughts. But her heart is set on something and she wants it all for herself. So will destiny serve it as a dish to her? Or will it be spiced up than ever before? Niven or Aryan who is the befitting suitor for Shelly? What role will Shruti play in her life? That's what the story is all about. 

Getting stoned or being used and thrown at is a feel. Being in love and not able to decide is another thing. The story takes a humorous take on what the doldrums of heart and mind is. It hops from one court to another, move back and forth and wishes you to dance to its tunes. The story with its aggression and mellowed combo throws some surprising punches. There are tit-bits where the constant struggle to hold on to something plays a havoc but entertains the readers. The snobbish and the arrogant are a bitter contrast but they add zing to the story. Helplessness is a factor which keeps the woman power strong in the story. Sharp sarcasm and retort makes the story chirpy. 

The downside of the book is it loses on the pure romance quotient. The exaggerated love making becomes monotonous and that tender and care goes flying out of the window. The showdowns should have been kept to a minimum because after a certain point it becomes repetitive and predictable. The end needed polishing as it again treads on something pretty unusual yet a little out of the line. A sense of serenity in the entire mix was required which is largely amiss towards the end.  

All in all the book does captures clear imaginations of young heart's dilemma. It sacrifices a few important potions of love which leaves a seeping gap. The story fills the void by playing hide and seek and constant belligerence of the characters with each other's mind. The humor keeps it alive and kicking and gives the necessary caffeine. A little of old age romance was required but nevertheless it's a spitting cocktail of mind and heart. 


3 OUT OF 5

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