Saturday, March 7, 2015

Review:The Shivaputra Chronicles by Vikrant R Utekar

When we talk about mythology, there are facts known and unknown which can be talked about for as long as you can't even imagine of. There have been over the years a great deal of research upon variety of subject and authorities have been challenged and new notions have sprouted out of the ordinary. Author Vikrant R Utekar in his novella "The Shivaputra Chronicles" tries to give a fair bit of glimpse into the land of gods and evils. So has he been able to deliver the goods? Let's find out. 

Kaliyuga!The time when it is said God has given up on man!Or has He?For if not, Chandrashekhar Kashyap would not exist. Blessed by the Devas, him and his friends are the last line of defence between mythology and reality.Join Chandrashekhar, the Shivaputra, as he comes to terms with his own capability and fights the greatest evil ever to have risen against the world!

First look at the title and the cover and it looks absorbing with the all alluring concept of fantasy and mythology blend in one. The title itself gives a lot of leverage to the novella. The blurb is precise and talks about the aspects which the story is going to uncover. 

The story is of Chandrashekhar, who is blessed with some powers and he along with his friends are the ones who help God do justice on Earth and ward off the evil. But there is a twist in the fate when the arrival of a mysterious woman adds to his singleton status and he has some pressing issues to deal with. So will C.K be able to deliver the goods? What role the woman will play in his already twisted life? That's what the story is all about. 

The only promising aspect of the book is it covers a very small base of mythology. Other than that this novella has some severe limitations. 

The book lacks depth and folds up too soon. It's more like a hurried affair and without giving any deep roots to the mythology it goes into action and romance mode. The compatibility issues of the characters are visible and there are cracks in the story which need amends. No sparking chemistry is visible and everything happens in a hurry without any proper reasoning. 

All in all with an impact title and an apt idea the author has let the chance go waste to capitalize on a new horizon. It rather becomes a clumsy story which lacks direction and purpose. A more pressing issue is that it needs more meat to keep the story alive which should be sole focus in the future. A very shabby affair. 


2 OUT OF 5

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