Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: Mine for Tonight by Shivangi Ramsay

Romance in modern times has assumed a completely different outlook. Be it the wild aspect of it or the softer side authors don't hold it back, rather unveil the ferocious as well as the mellowed instincts of two passionate lovers. Author Shivangi Ramsay in her latest book "Mine for Tonight" certainly unleashes the power of pen and let readers experience a book with all love exploits. Has she managed it well? Let's find out. 

Ramya Oberoi had a one night stand with a stranger on New Year's Eve. Deeply ashamed the morning after, she runs away. Education becomes her sole escape as she struggles hard to forget those sinful memories of soul-stirring passion. Sameer Razdan has not been able to forget the loving warmth of the woman who'd surrendered herself so sweetly to him. Years later, their paths clash when they meet at the Law Council dinner. Will love give them a second chance?

First look at the title and the cover a reader can easily be lured into reading a romance story. The cover image is mesmerizing and it looks no less than a fairy tale. The title oozes romance and it foretells about what to expect from the story. The blurb talks about a girl and her tryst with life and nuances of love. The blurb pretty much tries to hide the gyst of the story but it reveals a thing too many. 

The story is about two sisters namely Ramya & Sonia Oberoi. Sonia an outgoing girl with dreams about falling in love and being drooled at whereas Ramya a shy one whose yet to taste the fruits of love. But everything will change when her sister's constant belligerence will turn Ramya into someone which she never expected to be. Will love knock at the doors of Ramya? Will Sameer Razdan be the knight in the shining armor? Under what circumstances will love blossom or fade away? That's what the story is all about. 

When there's love, there's romance. When there's both it's two for tango. The tango in the story is spicy, steamy,guilty and rickety. Be it commitment or confession or naughty escapades the story  brings out every aspect of the love in a full blown avatar. It rather never misses a point when it comes to expressing love be it physically or emotionally. The heat is up for the readers to manage. The devouring passion and the craziness of the story in the first half is certainly a hit idea to take it forward. Language keeps the story juicy and under thorough control. 

The downside of the story is it's weak second half where it pales and rather unceremoniously finishes too soon. It needed more meat and could have utilized more ideas and pumped into an already ravishing tale. The characters were not given their dues as some of them fizzle out with a promising start. The aces could have been held back and then played on with some pomp which surely is missing in the story. 

All in all it's steamy experience as kink and love gets in and hits the nerves and sensory organs of a reader. The book picks up on the tingling points and let the reader go with the flow. The length is certainly pretty short and more engagement, argument, some past, present and a mushy or a murky future would have been a perfect spice for the story. But for now whatever it contains it doesn't fails to heights the pleasure and keep it subtle at the same time. It's a teasing camaraderie with a tinge of spice and a tinge of sugar. 


3 OUT OF 5

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  1. Thank you so much Meghant. Really appreciate your honest review. :) :)