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Review: Straight from a Lover's Heart by Shivangi Ramsay

Love, it binds two souls and it nurtures two people. There is no set definition to the idea. It just finds its way out in people's lives and then gives them a chance to shine and conquer what's in their sight. Author Shivangi Ramsay in her anthology " Straight from the Lover's Heart" tries to flutter the wings of love and let them astray into the wilds of the world. So has she been able to ignite the passion among the readers? Let's find out. 

A collection celebrating the essence of love. 

First look at the title and the cover and the lone figure across far stretched lands makes a wishful impact. There's not much to talk about the title but love is a certain portion in it. There's no blurb to lend support to the anthology and a single line says it all for the book.

Story No. 1:

A match made in heaven or a match made by the societal norms. It clicks or doesn't is what the story is all about. An age old concept of arranged marriage gets quite a mention but not before the story fizzles out rather awkwardly without any gung-ho's. Something more in the story would have made it look good.

Story No. 2:

It's a simple story about school and assignments and the fun of doing wild things. It rather turns out to be a pale narration and nothing as such can be claimed from the story. It's a fairly average story.

Story No. 3:

A verbal exchange between two passionate lovers. The story starts from somewhere before ending up nowhere. It doesn't justifies it's purpose with the sequence of events. It's a whirlwind affair with no effect at all.

Story No. 4:

It's a mushy-mushy lovey-dovey kind of a story where the prince tries to woo her princess on her birthday. It's a sweet story but then it gives a message of never to underestimate someone's love for the other person. It's the hidden aspect of love that comes out in the story.

Story No. 5:

It's a story about a couple of friends, out of which one who seems to care less about anything or rather everything. The story starts off well but fizzles out by the time it ends. It is rather on a very abrupt side.

Story No. 6:

The story of good old glory days and the infatuation which ultimately turns into revenge. The story blossoms well and then with it's unexpected end manages to catch the reader's attention. A good story.

Story No. 7:

It's a story about two lovers and their good old escapades. Thoroughly thought through and then put together to turn on the numb senses of the reader. The story delivers the final jot with panache. A fair flair of writing.

Story No. 8:

Fantasy is the mother of all imagination. You can fantasize love, relationships and what not and for that dreams are the best means of communication. The story fills up the dream land of readers with fantasy but ends on a very tepid note. A better finish could have made the story look true to it's nature.

Story No. 9:

The story is one hot, steamy getaway in the blues of peace and prosperity. Not languishing under any constraints the story turns on the pitch and notch up the wittiest of the conversations two lovers can ever have. Its a saucy and a spicy affair.

Story No. 10:

It's only about one and only character who is supposedly always present in the college. The nasty, carefree one. The story hums a bitter-sweet opinion about the character and in the end gets nasty. But it substantially fails to rouse any interest.

Story No. 11:

It's a lover's delight. Tailor made lover's tiff, that's what the story is all about. A cute little devil of a story with mixed emotions but love aplenty. A fair read.

Story No. 12:

A heart touching tiff between a wife and a husband and it's repercussions. The story is a whirlwind affair and leaves a reader dazed with it's one after the other jolts. The best one till now.

Story No. 13:

Never challenge someone who has a way with words. This is one way-word story. It's happening, spinning and clear cut in it's approach towards tit-for-tat. A high maintenance yet charming story.

Story No. 14:

For the love of god there is this lust filled romantic season and its a tete-a-tete between the two lovers. No wonder the story is steamy and excruciatingly romantic by the end it tends to look more repetitive like some previous stories in the book and fails to charm a reader.

Story No. 15:

It's a glorifying moment in life when you are in a predicament. Where to go or what to do with your clumsy yet unforgettable past? The story chimes the tunes of old and new rather conventionally then turns on the head with its rampaging finish. It's like adding insult to the injury.

Story No. 16:

A man and a woman meet. Things click, then go awry, then the amends and finally will it work out for both of them? A classic lover's tale with everything feels or goes about in their lives. A simple story which defines the barriers of love and the respect which carves out the perfect relationship between two people. A good story indeed.

Story No. 17:

The tussle of the eager minds and the lengths of sorting it out is what plays party to love. The story is gentle but finds itself on a mushy ground because it clearly lacks the punch to deliver the goods. A fairly average story.

Story No. 18:

It's an old fashioned tale fancied on the virtuous encounters of a man and a woman and their falling apart gradually to be resurrected again. It's a fair story but pretty straightforward, fancily set in olden times but predictable till the very end making it look pale.

Story No. 19:

Another honeymoon, another love story, another escapade and it all ends in a beautiful manner. The story is again a repeat of what had been a sincere affair in almost most of the narratives till now. It ends up on a high but feels monotonous in terms of a story line.

Story No. 20:

It's a ravaging part of life i.e death. It solely has the capacity to steal away the pleasures away at any instant. The story manages to stir up emotions but the love and care are blown away by some awkward turn in the story and it's suddenness making it look more like a mess than a blessing.

Story No. 21:

This one's all about one being stranded when it comes to love matters. Sometimes it's a bit late but most of the times it's luck that works out the basics. The story is cute in a way that it caters to ardent romance lovers or secret admirer or crush types. It is stereotypical in nature but it brings a flush of ease on the face of a reader. 

Story No. 22: 

Best friends forever or rather BFF nowadays. It's a term that bind two people together for eternity. That's what the story is all about. A story with not much to talk about, it's a sort of a push to let the book drift from lovers to best friends. But nothing makes the story look starry. 

Story No. 23: 

It's a fair deal in a relationship to tumble out with your inner desires in front of your partner. The story seems similar where desires, the hidden and burning ones find their way out and sound innate. But it only stirs the soul towards the end apart from that it's like an arrow out to find it's target; a bit too rushed.

First things first. The book reeks of exuberance,mills and boons type heroes, hot heroes, flushed heroines, top notch and witty conversations, fluent language and dollops of love an romance. It all sets the book into motion as the title suggests. The lover's paradise envelops readers with open arms and let them sway into the motions of being languid and sometimes being rushed into thick of things. Rather it reeks every bit of what modern day romance is all about. There's no dearth of being pleasured with set ideas and wildly imagined sequences. Love and passion are heartfelt in the book throughout all the stories. 

The downfall of the book is in it's monotonous touch with the environment often found similar in a lot of stories. The stories some half finished and some pale is another issue to be addressed thoroughly. The abrupt endings in few of the stories making them look unwanted in the book. The number of stories and their lengths often making them look incomplete. The book required 10 good stories to put pen to paper rather than expanding the quantity and allowing it run wildly into the horizons of sameness. 

All in all the book with it's love and romance factors certainly charms the readers but on a solid front it fails to offer a lot of variety, rather banking on similar experiences now and again. The vanity of stories could have been done with a much more tight-knit concept rather than letting it loose and foray into the world of uncertainty. Very few of them hit the mark, which is not a very sound idea for an anthology to blossom as the number is quite unexpectedly huge. A tremendous stroke with the wordplay but a big letdown with the content. 


2 OUT OF 5 


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