Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: The Last Surge by Pramit Sarkar

Life is nothing short of madness. In the fast forward nature and the tepid pace of life there's very little less to do for ourselves or for other's happiness. Author Pramit Eerie Sarkar in his book "The Last Surge" tries to downplay the hectic nature of life and puts forth the amiss moments of the life and the people surrounding us. Does he succeed in his endeavor? Let's find out. 

"...the day we face each other, she will be sorry; sorry for rendering me emotionally impotent. And that will be my victory." Their blazing courtship was nearing marriage, before fate played its vicious card. Rimi dumped Gabriel and married the choice of her family but Gabriel decided to remain single. Why did Rimi take such a drastic decision? How did Gabriel keep up his single hood? Did they meet again or did fate succeed in keeping them apart? How does Sneha fit into the picture? Crafted with the characteristic flavors of Bengal, THE LAST SURGE brings you the tale of an ace football player turned relationship counselor and what made this protagonist a great brother, a greater father and an even greater romantic.

First look at the title and the cover and a reader is absorbed in the beauty of Kolkata and it's rich heritage. There's very less to talk about the title but it is pretty much on cards with the subject it tends to cater. The blurb talks about few people and how their lives bank upon each other's responses. The blurb keeps the glorious part away and a sneak peak is the best way to pick up the book, 

The story is of Gabriel, Rimi and Gabriel's adopted daughter. Circumstances have not been easy for the father-daughter duo yet Gabriel has been able to fulfill the wishes of her daughter. Meanwhile Rimi has spent a huge chunk of her life wishing and waiting for something to make her come back to the basic sense of freedom and happiness.But it cannot happen so easily. So after so many years what is it that will get them back together? What perspective each one of them has to offer towards life and relationship? Is it worth a shot or distances are the spunk of the destiny? That's what the story is all about. 

First things first, the author with his rich knowledge of English and grammar has given the book a midas touch. There are broken relationships, destiny's call and other melodramatic combinations that bind the story very beautifully. There's a storm and there's moment of lull too. The story occurs in both happiness and sad times and it's worth taking the ride with. The messed up personal lives of each and every character and their inner dilemmas and the hidden expression behind the simplest of things are some of the few ideas which have been touched and given space to. There's a lot of breathing space for everyone in the book and it excels in crispiness and vividness. 

The downside of the book is it's inability to maintain a stoic end. The end looks pretty much awry and offers very little compared to the majority of the story. A whiff of crack appears and takes away the entire charm. Introduction of a new character in the story backfires by all means. A pin point finish was the demand of the story. 

All in all the book with it's fair idea about life and relationships gives a great viewing angle to everything. From the time it sets into the deeper recesses of the characters there is deliberate deliverance of their wounds and gay moments. It motivates a reader to seek peace and solace in the scarred events of life. The story has a shiny new edge to it and looks polished all the way till the end. Barring few hiccups its a recommended book to pick up and spend sometime seeking meaning of life with. 


3 OUT OF 5

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