Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: The Plantation by Chris Kuzneski (Payne & Jones, #1)

Some authors have over the time led us to believe that there is always a common man lurking behind the scenes to save the world and its citizens. Its fictional yet effective. It inspires us to believe in a cause which is worthy of mention. Author Chris Kuzneski in his book "The Plantation" has recruited two soldiers to finish up the job for him. So do they make their presence count? Let's find out. 

A ski instructor disappears in the mountains of Colorado. Hours later, a pregnant woman is taken from a crowded hospital, and no one notices. Two places. Two incidents. One motive. And so it begins...
One by one, people are being abducted. But these aren't random kidnappings. They're precisely planned crimes with a singular objective: revenge. The latest victim is Jonathon Payne's girlfriend. With few clues to follow, Payne gives chase with the help of his best friend, David Jones. Their journey leads them to New Orleans, where they must solve the mystery of the South's most violent and shocking secret.

First look at the title and the cover and it fails to impress altogether. Though the title offers a different appearance but the cover is an absolute disaster. The blurb offers some respite in the form of some mystery accompanied with two action heroes. That's the first step towards an engrossing read. 

The story is of two friends David Jones and Jonathan Payne, ex-Maniac's and now part of a regular corporate life. But things suddenly get interesting as Payne's girl friend Ariane vanishes into thin air. Along with her people vanish from different parts of the country too. But who's behind the kidnappings and what's the motive is still a mystery? So it's up to the duo to uncover the mysterious disappearance of Ariane? What is the ulterior motive of the kidnappers? That's what the story is all about. 

There's a lull before the storm. Same is the case with the story too. After a regular banter the story twists into an unknown territory and marks the opening of two new ex soldiers and best friends. The story provides extra charge, action, suspense and high voltage drama. A stinging story line which is not a familiar territory embraces the whole idea of action and thrill. The barbarism and the mythical ruse behind the fiasco stretches the story and lingers on with great effect. It reminds of old times full of sadistic ways of going to the extreme. The narration is complete and is complete worth of the money. 

The possible let down in the story is lack of action on the antagonist side. They are not useful with their appearances and their structuring lacks that intensity. The weaknesses tend to spill over to the story for a very long duration and keeps the growth of the nemesis in a check. Its a subdued outline for them. 

All in all the book promises and delivers most of the time. It explores dimensions of all variety and leads readers to believe in the cause and effect. The cause being shady and the effect bombastic. The story is a treat to read and with the narration as skilled as a genre demands it never fails to enthrall with its witty drama. The few surprises pack a punch too. It's an all out show with lots of massacre and macabre. 


4 OUT OF 5

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