Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Flirting with Fate by Preeti Singh

Mystery fiction is a genre which takes a lot of calculative approach by the author in order to enthrall the readers. Many writers have explored this genre to perfection. Author Preeti Singh puts a step forward and has tried to shake up the minds of the readers with her debut book "Flirting with Fate". So has she put enough efforts to flirt with the taste of the readers or it's just a blink and miss? Let's scroll down to find out. 

To what extent can we go to get love to be be happy? Can we commit any crime anywhere,anytime and get away with it? 
Well.. Anand does..
A beautiful looking boy is adopted but deprived of love and acceptance. In search of love.acceptancestatusAnand takes the easy path of crime.bloodshedtheftrapelies. From his mother figureto his sexy teacherto his first love.Anand does just about anything possible to get love.acceptanceand happiness.
Don't we all do that too?
Anand has it but is he really happy with life? He cleverly escapes the law.camouflages his crimes.but can he really escape his fate? Join Anand in this journey which is a mirror of our souls..our suppressed emotions. angers fears.. desires.
Will you think twice before committing a crime or telling a lie? Do we really reap what we sow? Does Karma really return or is it just a myth? Does Anand pay for what he has done or does he also get away, like most of us?
Let's find's about time

The title is impressive and gives an impression of a rough piece of work lying in order to catch the attention of its creator. The tagline suggests about what you do to others you have to pay for it accordingly in this life only. The background image depicts few currency notes and a hand in an awkward manner. The blurb is an easy source for the readers to get hang of the story. This one is no exception too. But what the entire story is about has been concealed well by the author. 

The story is about a child who on an fateful day is found abandoned in front of Palash an orphanage for children and immediately given shelter by a caring and a gentle man Mr. Gonsalves. All love is showered upon the baby boy and is given the name Anand. But contrary to his name Anand turns out to be demon's favorite child as he crushes hopes of many, uses many and turns out to one wicked man who just walks blindly surrounded by his ego and evil deeds. How he goes about his business in order to gain his love, acquire money and then spend rest of his life in peace is the summation of the book. Will he able to achieve it or god is watching him and he might have to repent his actions?Only time will tell. 

The story portrays the dark twisted side of Anand who is young, rash, abusive, loner, passionate and perhaps an evil who walks upon the earth rampaging it's beautiful creations. He is the lead protagonist and the complete story will revolve around him and his actions. The plot has been twisted and thought upon brilliantly by the author. It's edgy, gory, deceptive and compelling story of a mad man. It's a mystery fiction written from the angle of an antagonist who also happens to be the protagonist too. Characters like Miss Joseph, Aslam Bhai, Sunita, his love Gauri, his mistress & not to forget the dog Fluffy have an important role to play in the story. It's a mysterious story with new and dark ideas tumbling out of Anand's head with the turn of every page. 

The editing is not at it's best. It should have been Shimla or Simla. The author should have stick to one of the spellings. Dehradun's spelling is incorrect too. It's jao and aao not jaayo and aayo. The dog Fluffy has been given too much importance and characters like Mr. Gonsalves have been left fending for themselves. 

A brilliant first half with a predictable second half and a twist towards the end makes it one of the most compelling books with a different perspective to it. It can surprise the readers, it can scare the readers but it can make them realize too in the end that you can't escape the wrath of god by trampling along poor innocent souls for your selfish purposes. Live the tale through an Antagonist's eyes. 


4 OUT OF 5.   

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