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Review: My Beloved's MBA Plans by Disha

MBA is one degree which will go down in the history as one of the most sought degree around the world. In today's world every second person has that dream of pursuing MBA from a reputed institute and then carve out a destiny for themselves and people around them. Author Disha in her debut book "My Beloved's MBA Plans" has put together stories of some people who have followed their dream no matter what and with the help of their families and spouses and others have made it to the end. So are these stories inspirational enough? Let's find out. 

My Beloveds MBA Plans is a collection of engaging stories with a common thread running through all of them, How much are you willing to give to fulfil your MBA dream? Will you be willing to give up a cushy job and start from scratch? Will you be willing to stay apart from your spouse? Will you be willing to uproot your family from a well-settled life? Read on to discover how Viveks MBA course turns out to be quite an adventurous journey his wife Divya and their two kids. For Arpita, it is a second chance at love. Payal and Nitin make the campus their home while Geet faces a tragic loss. Join Suraj and Priya as they break away from the family business to carve out a path for themselves and discover how Rahul and Dimple spend an unusual honeymoon. These are just a few stories from this colorful collection set against the backdrop of life on campus and aspirations for an MBA degree. The book is a ride through different shades of life and experiences. Whether you are single or married, this book is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to take an unconventional decision in life.

When a collection of short stories is to be reviewed what matters most is the content rather than the cover. It holds true in this case too. 16 real life stories and it's a non fiction book. So what has the author packed up in each and every story let's unravel the mystery. 

Story No. 1: 

It's never easy to manage a newly started family and then suddenly a decision to pursue MBA and adjust accordingly. This story acts as an inspiration for many who crush their dreams and think that life get's over when you get married and settle down.  The story tells you that there's life after marriage and kids too. You just need to be confident with your decisions and the planning. 

Story No. 2: 

A girl out of a trauma and then suddenly she finds herself pursuing her dream to keep all the mental tensions at bay. It's a double bonus as cupid strikes and her dreams get fulfilled too. It's not the end of the road if you have gone through some really bad times in your life. The story teaches you to take up the challenge and move on. 

Story No. 3: 

What happens when you leave an ever growing business empire and put in line all the luxuries of life and decide to pursue your long time dream of doing MBA. The story teaches you about taking some risks in the life and be patient enough for the results.  The story teaches you if hard work is there then the results will definitely show no matter what the odds. 

Story No. 4:

Arranged marriage is not an obstacle for pursuing your dreams. Your alliance might be a boon for you in disguise. This is what is the story all about when the arrangement just works fine and there's support all around to fly high. 

Story No. 5: 

This is the uniquest story of all. Where will power triumphs over many obstacles and a blessing from the god which ultimately makes way in this world during the entire course of a person's dream. It's a beautiful story of understanding each other and remaining patient in tough times. 

Story No. 6:

Sometimes in life you have take a few decisions which might alter the course of your life forever. This is one story which has this element of that risk taken and paying rich dividends in the future. It's not about the choices you make. The story is about how well you handle the change of paths which gradually turns in to a successful career option.  

Story No. 7:

What happens when love and career are both on the line and you have to choose one of them or end up forfeiting both or rather find a unique solution out of the blue so that it all works in favor of everyone. It's a story about taking decisions in a flash and then moving on with the life following it's natural course of events and never letting your guard down even for a minute. 

Story No. 8:

This is a typical middle class dilemma where girl's have to forego their dreams and get on with their married lives as soon as they become eligible for the same. But what happens when a girl goes out of the way to pursue her dreams and agrees on a condition which might/ might not end up helping her cause. It's a story about trust, faith and complete control over what the situation demands and then moving on with confidence. 

Story No. 9:

After settled down for a long time and then suddenly experimenting with your life, might not prove fruitful in the long run. But what's the fun in having a monotonous life without being adventurous. It's the support of each other what keeps you going according to the story. 

Story No. 10: 

When you get in a bond and then there's sudden lack of trust and insecurity and long distances help too. How to save it from falling apart? The story is about trust or lack of it, patience and immense courage in order to fulfill your dreams sometimes going against someone's wishes. 

Story No. 11:

When the partners both of them have a common dream and might have to separate just for the same will their relationship survive the test of time and will the whole deal work out? This is a story about trusting each other's choices and judgments and making adjustments accordingly.  

Story No. 12:

You have a dream, its about to get fulfilled and then suddenly the whole world comes crashing down. It's the story about standing defiant and strong in tough times and handling all to gain the respect of everyone around you. A person is always defined by the hard times. 

Story No. 13: 

There are a lot of people who move out to pursue their dreams and after few years get that itch to come back and do something for your own native land too. This is one such story where leaving all the luxuries of life you come back and then think back whether you made the right choice or not. 

Story No. 14: 

This is the best story among the whole lot. When a child is brought up by a single parent and under the shadow of their elderly grandparents what happens when it's time to payback the same through love and affection. It's a story about achieving everything still feeling bad about not giving your 100% where it mattered the most. 

Story No. 15: 

It's a similar story of having that itch to come back to your mother land and settle down here even after all the odds. But it's not the same every time. It's a story about when things don't go according to plan and still you end up being pushed in the right direction by your better half. It's about respect for each other's passion and helping them in seeing it through to the end. 

Story No. 16: 

What happens when you are in the same department and then comparisons start showing up spoiling your beautiful world. Then leaving behind everything in one of the most developed countries and settling back again while fulfilling your dreams and aspirations this is one such story of adjusting to all the life's challenges and taking each and every step with precaution and emerging successfully out of it. 

These 16 stories are an eye opener for the people who are down and out or for the people who have given up on their aspirations and dreams. If you intend to dream big, then no matter what the odds or obstacles in your path, life will always be kind to you and the choices you make. It's a perfect collection of motivational and inspiring stories by the author. 

Even though MBA is a common factor in the entire book, but the way everyone went on to achieve their dreams is a thing to watch out for in all the stories. It's a masterstroke by the author. 


5 OUT OF 5. 

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