Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Crossroads: It's About Time by Preeti Singh

There's always a story behind one's life. Right from the time you are born till the time you die everything is a story. There are moments some to be savoured and some forgettable. It's up to a person whether they want others to be a part of it. Author Preeti Singh in her latest book "Crossroads: It's About Time" takes the readers on a journey from adolescence to maturity. So does it clicks with the readers? Let's find out. 

In the journey of life we see dreams, we fall in love, we experience bliss but yet we often fall, never to rise again. But Kavita is a fighter. From marrying the man she loves, to becoming a protective mother, to tolerating abuse and emerging stronger from it, her life is not different from just another Indian woman. For how long can she take the domestic violence and humiliation? Does she leave her abusive husband Rajiv, in search of greener pastures with Mihir, or does she succumb to a passionate moment with a youngster, Abhinash. Don?t we all have a right to make our identity, alone, or is marriage the only bond where one must adjust to find happiness. Is Kavita doing anything wrong by following her heart. If it takes two to tango, where did she go wrong. Can she pamper the child in her, defy the world and live life on her own terms? Or does life give her a chance to make amends and save her precious bonds. She is standing at the crossroads of her life and wondering which path she should follow to get some peace, something we all are seeking. Why don?t YOU, my reader hold her hand and guide her. It?s about time.

First look at the title and the cover and the thought of dilemmas crosses the mind instantly. The cover image has been kept realistic and makes it worthwhile for a reader. The title adds up to the curiosity as what to expect from the book. The blurb talks about a woman and her journey as she treads on a path full of roses with thorns. It's a lengthy blurb which could have been kept short and the main agenda of the story could have been kept under wraps. 

The story revolves around Kavita an epileptic but a bubbly and a lively girl. She is ignorant about the concept of love but sparks fly and soon Rajiv a handsome man enters her life. A whirlwind romance hits them both and soon it takes the shape of marital vows. But problems galore after their marriage when the true colors of a man are experienced by Kavita. The humiliation and the beatings, the sufferings and the sorrows and the never stopping taunts make lifer miserable for her. So will she be able to gather herself and pick up the broken pieces? Will there be peace in her life? What role will others play in her life? Will Kavita be happy or will sadness will dominate her life? That's what the story is all about. 

The story with it's realistic touch and roller coaster emotions make way in to the heart and mind of the readers. With every page there is a new challenge and with every word there is an emotion which livens up the book. Right from the bliss to the gloom it traverses a path which many have tread upon and faltered. It churns out the best and the worst out of human psyche. The characters involvement fills up all the necessary spaces to bind the story together. The bold approach and the complete idea works and makes it useful for the readers too. 

The book has no downside whatsoever in it's entire narration. 

All in all the story out of the blue comes hard and fast and hit at the right places. The pace varies but the lingering effect makes it a gem of a story. There are no ifs and buts and flaws are hard to point out. It inspires and conspires, the reality and the fake rendition and the dilemma of the mind and the heart, the love and the anger, the innocence and the savagery it has all and ever more to it. The book renders the best of what one expects in a story line. It walks the talk and works as a source of strength for many. It's a masses story. 


5 OUT OF 5 

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