Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A Sinha

Politics is one of the most sought and controversial subjects in our country and all around the world. The no. of political dramas and sagas keep the people entertained most of the times. It's difficult to see the roots of corruptions and hatred. Author Tuhin A Sinha in his latest offering "The Edge of Desire" tries to uncover the politics of our country which is in shambles. So has he been successful in doing that or the book is enough to stir up a controversy? Let's find out. 

When journalist Shruti Ranjan, newly-wed wife of the Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in the lawless Bihar of the 1990s is brutally raped by a ‘politically sheltered local goon’ all of her attempts at getting justice are crushed by a corrupt and complicit state government. That’s when the charismatic Sharad Malviya, a leading member of the Opposition party, offers her an unlikely solution: his party’s ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections.Left with little to choose from, Shruti agrees, only to realize that being catapulted to an enviable position of power in an all-man’s world comes at a price. Caught between her mentor and her spouse – both upright but ultimately flawed men – and a host of envious others who continue to cast aspersions on her character, she struggles to address the larger problems of the country.Taunted for being a ‘Draupadi’ she makes the curse her identity and resolutely fights her fate…

The title is quite edgy and on a cover page is a girl with a tagline which reflects a little about the story. The blurb hints at the plight of a dynamic Shruti Ranjan and what happens to her in her entire journey. The blurb along with the title and cover image gives a strong indication of political thriller with a woman on the helm. This will impress the readers. 

The story is about Shruti Ranjan a dynamic personality who is first ditched by her long term love Abhay and then when she goes for an arrange marriage with a bureaucrat life takes a drastic turn and she ends up on the cruel side of destiny. Her rape and futile attempts to get justice echoes all over the country which is heard by young and charismatic Sharad Malviya under whose guidance she fights out the system and takes strides towards her crushed ambitions. Many unpleasant events along her political journey makes it a roller coaster life for her and when her own leave her in the process she is left alone to fend for herself. Whether she'll make it to the end is a question which will be answered in this book.

The plot indeed lives up to the expectations. The knack of the author to pick up the story from the dirty streets of a small town in Bihar to the colonial bungalows in Delhi is remarkable. The whole political theme works in the favor of the book. The characters and their stories are never out of place and there are parts which people can relate to in the real life. Book is more realistic rather than a fiction novel. Shruti's plight, the no. of obstacles in her path, her image at stake, less concerned relatives and parents and a turmoiled love life sets the tone of the entire plot. Sharad Malviya is another inspiring character in the story with his political experience and calmness. 

The no. of twists and turns and the emotional barrage and the political agenda are the flavors of the book. It has been moulded into a perfect fiction tale. The comparisons drawn from the past are a notable feature too of the book. The writing style is also worth mentioning. 

The story slows down a little bit in the latter half but again picks up the pace towards the end. Faults are hard to point out in the book. 

It's a must read for the readers. It has been written to open the eyes of people to the injustice happening around them in reality. The message is loud and clear. Keep aside your problems be manipulative at times and never let your guard down when you are in process of achieving something big.  Reader's hearts will go out for the story and for Shruti too. It's about the survival of the fittest. 


4 OUT OF 5. 


  1. this is indeed one of my fav. books and Tuhin Sir, one of my fav. Authors :) Honest, unbiased review!

  2. Thanks Mehek. Indeed it's a lovely piece of work. :)