Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: She Fell (Fail) In Love Once Again by Ramesh Tehlani

Indian literary industry has undergone a sea change with many authors coming up. Authors who chose to change the style and content of the book and go bolder. Some genres which have experienced this trend prominently are love and relationships. Some of them have shown the brighter side of love while some have went on to explore the darker shades of love. Author Ramesh Tehlani in his debut book "She Fell (Fail) In Love Once Again" chooses the dark over dawn. So is he successful in his attempt or not? That will be answered in this review. 

She Fell (Fail) In Love? Once Again? is a real life tale of Shreeti Sharma, young girl, working with private bank in small town Ajmer. In search of Mr. Right, she met some people in journey of life and fell in love with them.In expectations of long life bond, she received betrayal with life changing lessons and experiences about Pain, Pleasure, Sex, Spirituality, Social Rules, Ethics, Personal Development, Office Politics etc. After many experiences of failure and betrayal, now she fell in love?once again. This time, will she get long lasting love or will she fail in love, again?In her journey of search she learnt life-changing concepts like:
  • Why Extra Marital Affairs are not wrong...
  • Why Physical Relations without marriage are not wrong...
  • Why women gives sex for love and men gives love for sex...
  • How pain gives pleasure?
  • How to face office politics and recession?
  • How one can increase his/her value in job and society by using ?Quiwam Theory? and ?Why Apple is costlier than Potato Theory??
  • And other new aspects of life?

Somebody has rightly said that sometimes a book cover is enough to entice a reader in picking up a book. This one is surely up in that list. The title is a charming one. It has that feel of double meaning to it which gives it an extra edge. The blurb points out towards a real story involving Shreeti Sharma where is in her search for Mr. Right. The points highlighted are a reason enough to enjoy the story. 

The story is about Shreet Sharma and her life. A life which wasn't destined to be easy by any means be it love, job, personal matters, family matters, friends, relationships etc. Her life hit a lot of rough patches and she stumbles and keeps getting back up again. In the end is she able to set things right for herself is one big question which will be answered in the story. 

This is a story where a girl single handedly from her childhood through her teens and till her late 20's make many heads spin and many lives toss around courtesy her destiny and rash decisions. She is the perfect recipe of failure. Biggest of them all failure in love time and again which is also the title of the book. At one point of time readers might forgot the no. of times she was in and out of a relationship. She is a perfect modern day recipe of a girl who goes awry with her decisions and her life and her past keeps coming back to haunt her. You can experience love, office politics, sex, failures etc. all through Shreeti's eyes. The story is quite different from the usual recipe. It has loads of spicy flavor with little bit of sweetness too. Things have been spiced up at the right places in the book for the readers. 

Poems are worth reading throughout the book. The story commands absolute attention with it's fluid narration and small yet intriguing chapters. Shreeti Sharma and her life are a perfect example of a young blood caught on the wrong foot and inability to think clearly in crunch situations. Her helplessness, her plight, her failures and her misery and little happiness are a perfect blend to weave a story around her. 

The major downside of the book is editing. Spelling mistakes, spacing errors and incomplete words in the poems and at some places in the book make it difficult sometimes. Its not Jahar, it's Zeher. It's not Kismet, it's Kismat. Its not Phoolo, it's Phoolon etc. Mistakes like these in Hindi words written in English require a lot of attention. Spacing error seems to be the specialty of Notion Press. I have read couple of books from their stable but the same mistake has been repeated in this one too. Other than that the plot is flawless. 

It's the story for the masses and all the classes.The book is bold but in the right sense. The author right from the cover page and entire theme has nailed it to perfection. Be it the multiple relationships, office & problems, family matters etc. no issue has been left out and given equal importance right through out the book. It'll act as a right dose for girls who are young and yet to experience the world and it's goods and bads in their lives. It's definitely worth the readers time. 


4 OUT OF 5. 

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