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Review: Eighteen Plus by Apurv Nagpal

An anthology of romance, thriller and many other genres readers have seen it all. Most of them with combined efforts. What about an anthology of erotic fiction? Author Apurv Nagpal in his debut book "Eighteen Plus" goes beyond the imagination of a reader and burdens the weight of an anthology comprising of adult stories tailor made for grown ups. So has he produced a marvel out of the blue? Let's find out. 

Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups., published in 2013, consists of eighteen short erotic stories that revolve around regular people.Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups. begins with Going Down To Rise Up, a story that shows how Meenu Verma displays a PowerPoint presentation to the Ladies Kitty Party Group, North Zone about her sexual encounters on the journey to reach the top. In The Speaker Phone, a boss listens to a couple having sex on the other side of the phone line. The fifth and sixth stories, The Corner Room and Her Turn, are interlinked to each other. Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups. also contains Sexting: Fast and Furious, The Confessions of An IPL Escort, and A Boat Part On The Hoogly. In La Senza, a couple finds a cinema hall to be too childish, and a hotel to be too cheap. What is the next best alternative?In Scoring At The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Aditya decides to agree to an arranged marriage if things don't turn out the way he wants them to at his cousin's wedding. Blame It On the Generation Gap shows how an older woman fails to understand how a husband and a wife who were fighting with each other, end up in bed together later than night. Some other stories in the book are Twenty Things That Arouse, The Condom Chronicles, and Two Day’s In A Nerd’s Life. Memoir Of A Sexologist revolves around a politician who kidnaps a sexologist couple, and how money is not what he wants for ransom.Eighteen Plus: Bedtime Stories. For Grown-Ups. is a well-written erotic fiction for adults. The stories are delicate and bold, without being vulgar. Funny, mischievous, and spicy, the eighteen stories are sure to keep readers entertained.

First look at the title and the cover and it says all about what is there in store for the readers. The bold and shouting title with a seductive cover image is a turn on in many ways. The blurb has some few excerpts from various stories which arouses the reader and demands for their attention. It's an appealing factor which makes the readers pick it up and go through it.  

Story No. 1:

How can one mistake of yours can become a source of entertainment for others. That's what the story is all about. It's a very unique and a different story from what readers generally read. A naughty story yet having a solid dose of humor in it.

Story No. 2:

It's a story of precision of a man and the calculative methods he needs to deploy in order to win his wife's mood back and then go for the kill. There's not much of an excitement in the story but still it tingles some chords while the readers go through it.

Story No. 3:

This is a conference of women on how to get their work done by working on men's pleasure and giving them the right amount of satisfaction. The idea is pretty unique again and a lot of points raised in fact will surprise the readers too. But it's a bold attempt of writing a short story mixing business and pleasure.

Story No. 4:

This ain't a story. These are some tips to get your libido working and arouse your senses at the right time and the right place. These tips might be helpful for young lovers and for those who have knowledge in this area.

Story No. 5:

This story is about chance encounter and how sexting works in the favor for both of them. It's a good story highlighting another new aspect of having intercourse. It makes you high and leaves you excited with it's wild narration and description.

Story No. 6:

The story is continuation of the previous story and it highlights some more newer methods to achieve sexual pleasure. It'll give you heights of pleasure and make you feel erotic the way it has been sketched by the author. Chance encounters like this are always fun according to the story.

Story No. 7:

It's another story of a chance and a steamy encounter between two people. Public expressions of love are always wild and funny which this story depicts and the passion of the story has been kept alive by the author all the time. It has some wittiness to it too.

Story No. 8:

It's a story never heard of or tried before by any couple even in their wildest dreams. The author has taken the imagination to the next level making the content more wild. It has that tone of sensuality, pleasure and excitement all throughout.

Story No. 9:

It's a story of a small town girl who intends to make big but somehow waivers off and in the end becomes something which gives her the perks and luxuries. It's a pulsating story of a good girl gone bad but also highlights what goes on behind the scenes in real life. A nice story of sexual encounters and real life.

Story No. 10:

It's a story based on the concept of sexting. It's fast paced, naughty as usual but pretty raw in it's approach. It could have been done more tastefully.

Story No. 11:

It's again not a story but a few tips of how to conduct yourself before anything happens between two people. It has some interesting points but pretty much common and known to many nowadays.

Story No. 12:

It's a story of a single man and his unsatiated desires which come to life when he bumps into some pretty women and what happens aftermath is fun. It's a story of some past and present bits and pieces and a lot of intercourses. But the story is not up to the mark.

Story No. 13:

A lot of couples, their longing for each other, forced marriages and a friend to rely on. It's a no-non sense story with a lot of drama, sexual encounters and a lot of hype before it takes a u-turn and comes back to the point. A story to enjoy and have fun with. It's the best story of the lot.

Story No. 14:

A modern day couple and their issues and the way they sort it out. A story with dilemmas and problems and issues with a touch of wildness and a lot of excitement. The story is at par with many of the other stories in the book.

Story No. 15:

A story of a hot and a steam encounter and the dilemma of using condoms or not. It's a quick story but doesn't have enough firepower to give goosebumps to the reader. 

Story No. 16: 

A story of wit, desire and in the end something out of the blue which will leave everyone spell bound. It's a good story though the content is on the same lines but towards the end it has an interesting aspect considering the genre of the book. 

Story No. 17: 

It's a story of a corporate man and his strange encounter with a woman which turns out into an experience of some kind. A story which is pretty much on real lines. A lot of sexual encounters and wildness along with some wit and fun. 

Story No. 18: 

It's the story of two sexologists and their unfortunate encounter with one of the most influential person of their area and his problem. It's a funny story true to it's nature with a mix of some moans and groans but humorous in it's narration. 

All the 18 stories have the wildness and naughtiness as a flavor of spice. The stories are a mix of passion and decision making ability of every individual. The narration has been kept fluid and story after story it jolts you out of reverie. It creates a scene of awkwardness at first but has a lot of potential in it. It's demanding with it's open ended discussion on many sensitive subjects related to sex. Some real time adventures blended with fiction make it a pretty interesting prospect for the readers. 

The downside of the book is it's repetitive theme of sex hungry women in many stories. That could have been changed a bit making it both ways. Few stories like story no. 5,6,10 and 15 could have been handled in a much better manner. 

All in all it's a good experience of reading an anthology based on sex, modern day dilemmas and the mix of youth and old and their share of experiences. It's not your regular romance book but a touch different with it's outrageous boldness and shear audacity. It is spicy, saucy, raunchy and a bit realistic too. It's hard to gulp it at first but it can be digested slowly and enjoyed steadily as a reader. 


3 OUT OF 5

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