Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review: Because Life is a Gift by Disha

What is life? What it means to you? What it means to those who are not bestowed with the gift fully and have to constantly struggle to pace themselves around? What if there is a change coming? What if some special people want to change the way people look and feel about them? Author Disha in her latest book 'Because Life is a Gift" takes you on a journey where every obstacle is cheered upon and every moment is cherished to full. So who are they and what is their role in the society? Let's find out. 

He is ten years old and confined to a wheelchair. But that's not his identity. To the world, he is India's youngest patent holder for inventing variants of chess for six, twelve and sixty players. Have you heard of the Army Major who was declared dead in the Kargil war, but is India's first blade runner today? Do you think a woman without hands can be one of India's leading painters? What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a differently abled person "Pity"? Sympathy real life success stories of fifteen differently abled people charted in Because Life is a Gift will make you think otherwise. You will sense pride replace all feelings of pity and sympathy for they have fought against all odds to achieve their dreams is book is a tribute to their courage, passion and zest for life. Book will challenge your notion of the impossible. Book will inspire you to live life to the fullest, because life is truly a gift.

First look at the title and the cover and it gives wings to your dreams. The title itself is a living proof. The cover is what one seek from life and try to conquer the unthinkable. The blurb is a summation of few excerpts from the book which highlight towards what is going to be part of the book. The blurb manages to put the point across to the readers. 

The book is a compilation of 15 stories. Not to mention these are not just stories its the summation of life, the harsh reality, the will and the power to come across as a gifted soul and lead life on your own terms. Its about those who are part of our society yet come across as outcasts sometimes. The book is not just about them its all about life. 

When a book is written to inspire it tends to deliver the goods. This one is no exception in that case. 15 stories come across as a noteworthy inclusion of people from different walks of the life who have not only overcome the odds but able to carve out a niche for themselves. They are no less than normal human beings. The term disabled or differently able haven't deter from their resolve to conquer the one gift nature has bestowed upon them i.e life. They lead their lives to the fullest some with help others with hope that the time they have been given to spend their parts on earth is something which one remembers and look up to in the future. The stories are not just stories they are the gift of life which has been thoroughly cherished and put together by the author. It's an inspiration for many and a hope for the others to go for the ultimate kill through your desires overcoming the obstacles which tend to bog down few along the journey. 

The book is not the one which carries any downside or faults. 

All in all it's a book with people who might have fault in their stars but the stars have shone bright and spread happiness in the lives of their family and their near and dear ones. The book is a heart rendering narration which opens up a new aspect of life and bursts the mythical bubbles which become cliches of life. The book is an ultimate salvation with the purpose of conveying the fact that come what may our life ours for the taking and no one but only us can make it bigger and beautiful. A colorful narrative and a difference maker. A befitting tribute to those who have captured the hearts of all and given life a new direction and meaning. It's a book to be loved and the people in it to be loved and care about even more. 


5 OUT OF 5  

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