Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: In Love of Honey, Money & My Virgin Passport by Mita Jain

I.T industry is considered to be the revolution in our country. It came down hard and hit all the fields simultaneously making man completely dependent on it forever. But if it all looks good and rosy from outside it's not like that at all. Author Mita Jain in her book titled " In Love of Honey, Money & My Virgin Passport" tries to explore the I.T industry from the eyes of her book and its characters. So is the book startling enough? Let's find out. 

Let’s play a game. I say a word, and you think of the next few words that flash in your mind.
Hyderabad –Bangalore –Gurgaon -Mysore –Pune –
Did something click in your mind? Is there something common about all these places? If so, you already know what this book is about: the very iconic software a.k.a. IT industry.
Is this industry really a way to easy & money-minting job? Maybe yes. Maybe no. What do you say? Perhaps, Vinay can help you decide.

First look at the title and the readers will be impressed. It is one of those long attractive titles to suit the readers taste. The cover image is a perfect representation of the theme highlighted in the book. There is no blurb for book at all, an extract which hints at what is going to happen in the story line. A blurb should have been there for the book to let readers know a bit about it. 

The story revolves around Vinay who after being rejected in 15 campus interviews is selected one fine day for a company SolBytes and from there on starts his I.T career with a lot of fanfare. The initial excitement fizzles out with time owing to a lot of office politics and no work and just play. Things get dull and gradually when he is side stepped by his own friends he uses another method to gain the upper hand. His penchant to perform for the company lands him up in a project which is out of his expertise. What happens when he lands up in the foreign shores? What is in store for him? It's a book of learning, shocks, startling revelations and a lot of surprises thrown at you every now and then and last but not the least the taste of your patience and endurance of you along with many. 

The plight of I.T industry has been highlighted well in the book by using a lot of characters esp. freshers which helps in the exploration. The knick-knack of offices are attended to in a fun way in the story. The main element to throw light of what happens inside has been solved by the book. The narration is simple and fluid and easy to understand. 

The downside is the story which waivers off and doesn't holds fort in the middle. It loses track for a while. It could have gone into more depths in order to uncover the realistic nature of I.T industry. It was not sufficient. 

The book holds true in some parts feels bit stretched at times but best can be related to the I.T industry people. The people who are not from the field won't be able to relate to all the good and bad so easily. It's a general representation and in a fun way which keeps the reader busy and the book entertaining. 


3 OUT OF 5

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