Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Unconditionally Yours by Mehek Bassi

Anthology is the latest flavor of the season. Anthologies based on love have flocked the Indian literary scene completely. Some have been compelling and jolting while some have fallen flat on expectations. Author Mehek Bassi in her second book " Unconditionally Yours" has gone outright to strengthen her hold on love and emotions associated with it. So has she been able to deliver the goods? Let's find out.

First look at the title and the tagline and the cover image and it's color and the readers will be soaked in love from top to bottom. It's a beautiful rendition of the idea and weaving it into an anthology. There is no blurb to talk about but the tagline suggests about 10 love stories to look forward to in the book. A small blurb containing few facts about the book would do a world of good to it.

Story No. 1:

A story which knows no boundaries. It's a story of a soldier and his undying love for his country and others. Love makes enemies melt too. This is the moral of the story. Read it for it's absolutely simple yet splendid narration. There's a lot more in it than college romance.

Story No. 2:

People are kind but are they kind enough to part something from their life which can change somebody else's life forever? It might not happen in real but it happens in this story. A story with a big heart and love which is unmatched for the people who are not your immediate family but still are family. It again teaches a big lesson in life never to ignore anyone. They might come good sometime or the other in your life in future.

Story No. 3:

Sometimes a selfless act is enough to make someone realize of their mistake. It's equivalent to a harsh punishment. This is what the story is all about. It's a good story more about selflessness and honesty.

Story No. 4:

One move, one step and all can be ruined or can turn out to be the best dream ever. That is what the story is all about. It's about love which has to be confessed but hesitations creep. It's a nice story with the hearts in your mouth for sometime.

Story No. 5:

When somebody's love becomes a purpose for revenge then nothing in this world can stop you to claim justice either by hook or by crook. It's a beautiful story of love gone in a haste but memories which remain etched in the mind forever.

Story No. 6:

It's a story of two young people who have feelings for each other but are afraid of what might happen after the confession. But sometimes love takes over all other emotions and holds true till the end. It's a cute love story with bits and pieces of love holding it till the end.

Story No. 7:

Never ever do things in your life with loved ones which make you repent your one action forever. The story holds true in this case. It's the best story of the whole lot. Selfless love for their own, harsh realities and what goes around comes back around makes it one amazing short story.

Story No. 8:

I wish I had words for this story. How life turns around for a beautiful little girl in one day. One single incident that changes it all. It's not a story it's the reality of our life. It's an eye opener. Readers need to read it to experience the excruciating pain of a person. It's a brilliant story.

Story No. 9:

A simple yet alluring story of two people who are supposed to spend their life together forever. The anxiousness, the fears, the joys, the questions and their multiple answers in the mind, the dilemma, the excitement these are the words which best sum up the story. It's a nice story to read.

Story No. 10:

Arranged Marriage might not be a very trendy concept of marriage ever but still it holds firm in some cases. This is one story where it holds true in each and every aspect. It's a marvelous story of two strangers who meet, get married and then it's up to them to stay besides each other till the end. It's a story which tells you if it's destined to happen this way, then no force on earth can prove it otherwise.

There are a lot of positives in the book. The stories portray each and every bright and dark spot of love. Sacrifices, sorrows, joys etc. are the emotions which have been used to balance the whole idea behind the book. The stories which compel the readers to be jolted are story no. 1, 7, 8 & 10.

The stories which are the weak links of the book are story no. 6 & 9. They needed a little bit more in terms of ideas about love in it.

It's an anthology worth spending time with. 10 stories which won't be a burden instead teach you a lesson or two about love and will make you fall in love with it's characters and witty narration. A book to be enjoyed for it's sheer audacity to explore the highs and lows of love in life. It will rise and rise till it takes you beyond the clouds in fairy tale world of love between people and love in many relationships.


4 OUT OF 5


  1. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing so quickly :) I appreciate your efforts. I hope you enjoyed it :)

    Regards and Best Wishes,

    Mehek Bassi

  2. Your welcome. :) :).. Enjoyed is an understatement. I loved it. :)..