Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Short Story: Help Me Please (Chapter-1)

Please leave me alone.

Please I beg you.

(Devilish Laughter in the background)

(Incessant Crying)

Please help me somebody. Plea….

I was all sweaty when I woke up in the morning. I looked around and saw its 7 a.m. already. I couldn't remember when I did slept last night. The only memory I have from midnight is that bad dream that haunts me time and again. It has been the story of my life for the past 3 years now.

You all might be wondering who I’m. I’m Tanisha Roy aged 22. I stay alone in my 2 BHK apartment in a posh locality of New Delhi. Like many others I too have parents but I last met them 1 year back. They could never understand me. They never supported me. I was an eyesore for them all throughout my life. I am not what I was 3 years back. 3 years have passed on after that horrible ordeal. I want to sleep peacefully but peace comes at a price. I still have to pay some price in my life to attain self peace.

I work for “Help People” a NGO as a teacher. I teach poor students from Monday- Friday. I get 25k per month which helps me in spending my life with a little bit of comfort. This flat was a gift by my wealthy parents when I was 17. I come from a wealthy family. People call such families as “filthy rich”.

I am 5”4. I am fair in complexion. I have deep black round eyes and natural brown hair. I have a slender body. At 55 kg I am an eye candy for many out there on the streets. My legs ooze oomph. My face is pretty. My curly brown hair is a god gift. I love dressing up like any other girl. Jeans, tops, Indian outfits are all part of my wardrobe. I love using make up. I have a tattoo too on my right shoulder. I want to get it removed though. It gives me painful memories. Over the last 3 years the futile exercises of getting justice has made me lose all my charm.

I’m not the same Tanisha anymore. I have lost my charm. The beauty of my face and my body is all gone thanks to some people and an incident in my life. What is this incident? You all will get to know my story in time. I’ll take you back into time when mobile was becoming a rage among youngsters and there was an adrenaline rush in our blood.

What about today? When will this dream fade away? When will I be able to sleep with a smile on my face? Probably never. I have spent sleepless nights waging a lone battle. A battle which is termed as a lost cause but I still won’t give up. I need justice and I’ll fight for it. I won’t forfeit my right to leave with honor and dignity.

I hate the murmurs and the gossips of the society and the neighborhood. I too am a human being. I want to shout but I can’t. They all hate me and despise me out there. But it wasn't my mistake. Please, try to understand me. But our society comes with a typical mindset where most of the times a victim have to pay the price even for an event which might not be your doing.

Enough of my introduction. Let’s sail back in to the past where it all started. That fateful 1 month when I learned a lot from life. I don’t want to go back into time. But today I want to try out the writing technique in order to vent out my frustrations.

(To Be Continued)


  1. Is this by you Meghant? Or some girl in your body is writing it? :) The story is good and i want to know what tragedy befell her!

  2. Yup it's by me Anitha. :).. I'll post 1 chapter daily. :).. I have posted the second chapter. :)