Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Cheer Up: The Worst is Yet to Come by Ila Garg

Love remains the most sought topic in a person's life. It surely happens for once and either lives you foxed or makes you a wily fox. Author Ila Garg in her latest book "Cheer Up: The Worst is Yet to Come" tries to give voice to a girl who goes through this routine phase of love and finds herself at crossroads. So will the author be able to do justice to the whole idea? Let's find out. 

Ishani, a young, pretty and multi-talented girl with a carefree attitude, lives in a world of her own. A girl with small, little dreams; she carries a happy-go-lucky nature. Always surrounded by friends, she loves to help people and is a quick learner. When she gradually tries to find a place in this messed up world, everyone around her starts to lure her, as she trusts easily and can't discriminate between right and wrong.She had been wrong a lot many times. She makes efforts to bring a smile on every face and wishes someone would do the same for her. Things come to a halt when she falls in love with an over-possessive guy, Abhay. They part and they meet again. In the meantime, she forms a bond with another girl. Her sole respite is her best friend, Armaan, but then, she already had been hurt, deceived, and broken beyond repair.This book is all about her journey of love and friendship a story of innocence, guilt, pleasure, mistakes, break-ups, success, failure and frustration.Can a completely broken girl emerge as a winner at the end? What surprises life holds in its box for her? Is it ever going to be easy for her to choose or she will continue to stay in her dilemmas?

First look at the title and the cover and there's no hiding that the book is a chic-lit one. The pinkish image along with a girl ready to take off is like a fresh energy being effused in the entire book. The title probably too long yet simple and too open tells a reader a lot about it's going to be about the good and bad of the life. The blurb talks about a girl and her tryst with life at appropriate and unexpected junctures and the way she wades off to make a path for her own. The blurb could have easily been toned down. It's unusually too descriptive. 

The story is of a young girl Ishani who wants to leads life king size. She takes admission in D.U and from there on begins a journey of turmoil and joy. The friendships keeping her life balanced and love making it all the more troublesome and insane. In between all this she tries to make it work between her love, friends and career and prospers and stumbles at times. But the human spirit in her begins to wane and remain unresponsive even to brightest of the situations. So will Ishani ever be the same girl again? What role will love and friendship play in her life? Will this life give her blessings and joy or take away everything from her? That's what the story is all about. 

Life's hard and sometimes it gives you the toughest of times to deal with. It's the test of your patience and character and that is what the character Ishani goes through in this novel. Most of the times making her plead with guilt and giving her laughable moments. The story is chirpier with chic-lit effects and revolves around friendship and love. The stress more on love. The story catches the emotions in a nice manner and keeps it steady during the entire length of the narration. The second half being more receptive. The ups and downs evident throughout and dilemma of a girl to live and survive in a mad world and to urge to scramble and reach the top gets the story going. 

The downside of the book is it's repetitive introduction of numerous characters. It could have been toned down easily. The abruptness of the love dying a slow death from one side and not giving enough space to the other makes it one sided and and clich├ęd. The events too remaining the same after a point of time like college festivals which doesn't lends a vivid set up to the whole idea. 

All in all the story is like a cool breeze for a girl who struggles to sustain love in her life. Her wrecking and suffering making it difficult for her to live and let live. The story is not polished and demands more drama and less repetition. The lack of freshness in terms of narration and ideas marred the book's storyline. The suddenness of many things hampering the narration sometimes. The story demanded more angst and emotions from both sides rather thriving on one person's narrative. The poetic verses a saving grace in the story giving good let out to the feelings of a girl who is distraught and in despair. It's the tell tale of a girl with less hope and more cries.


3 OUT OF 5 

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