Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Datta

Love will never be out of favour as everyday a new story will rise from the ashes and give it a new meaning. It's a hard choice to make for everyone but eventually if it is suppose to come out good it will. Author Durjoy Datta in his latest book "When Only Love Remains" tries to pull out all stops to maintain the sanctity of love in the heart of the people. So is he able to lend a new perspective to the whole idea? Let's find out. 

I’ve imagined this in my head so many times.I’ve always thought about what I would say;what I would do, and how it would all turn out to be.And every time I would remove some detail …She’s a flight attendant—young, bright and living her dream. He’s a heartbroken singer on his way to becoming big.She’s an ardent fan of his. He can’t imagine why and yet seems to find comfort in her words.It’s the first time they are together and in their hearts both are wishing, hoping and praying that the night would never end. That the time theyare spending together lasts and lasts …In the world of imperfection, there is always someone just right for you.

First look at the title and the cover and it has love written all over it. The blooming red hearts won't make sense with a piece of earphones but its significance is deciphered in the story. The cover could have been a bit more exciting. The blurb has few lines which tries to convey the thought process of two young people. The blurb restricts itself to few but meaningful lines and makes the readers all the more excited to look out for the story. 

The story is of Avanti a young flight attendant who is die hard fan of a young upcoming brash singer Devrat. She restricts spilling out her feelings to him and Devrat is immersed in his own world of music and irresponsibility. But gradually when she gets to express herself in front of the very man she loves there's no looking back. So will Devrat ever come to know about Avanti? Will Avanti ever be able to confess her love? Will this yes-no situation lead them anywhere or will they continue living life as strangers? That's what the story is all about. 

The times have change and so do have the way of expression. Elaboration is still not the forte but fewer words become more meaningful with time and renders a touch of optimism and makes you feel at home. This story too undertakes this journey of optimism and pessimism, love and hate, hope and hopelessness. The story has not been devoid of any emotions and has been constructed with passion involving love as a major element. The narration is slow but it suits the needs of build up and helps the readers get acquainted with the scenario. The book weaving it's charm through laughs and tears together. There's simple yet captivating moments for die hard romantics to rejoice. 

The book has no downsides in it. 

All in all the story manages to capture love like a moment and seals it with command. The ups and downs chugging along and keeping it alive for the readers. There are moments of pain and glory in equal measure and readers won't feel discomforted about this idea. The out of the box thinking helps in painting a vivid picture for everyone to read and talk about. It lends voice to the boxed feelings of many and rejuvenates hope for whom the journey has turned out to be sour. The story with minimal of efforts and maximum of effects. 


4 OUT OF 5


  1. You really love reading DD, isn't it? :) When I read his first, I thought I'd never pick his work but then some years later, I picked up 'If it's not forever...' which I really loved. This eventually made me purchase his 'Till the last breath' which was undoubtedly a lovely story. The storyline and cover doesn't seem to attract me but your review does. Let's see how I find it, plan to pick it up soon :)

  2. Yup I love reading him. :)... Yup he has matured with time in terms of his writings. Do pickup this one and let me know whether you liked it or not? :)..