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Review: I Loved too much... He loved too Many by Shikha Sharma

Not all love stories have an ideal journey. In fact most of them suffer from some kind of an obstruction at some point of time. Authors around the world always try to highlight this certain break in their books. Author Shikha Sharma in her debut book " I Loved too much.. He loved too many" has also tried to put across the cons of ignoring some important aspects in love. Is she successful in putting it across the readers or not will be answered in the next few paragraphs? 

Love- isn't it something that all of us chase at some points in our lives?
When she said 'I love you', she meant it forever.
When he said 'I love you', even he meant it forever
But is that enough for a happy ending?
But do love stories even end at all?
Love is a four lettered word, but so is lust so how could one find the difference between the two?
How can one know that it is love this time and not just another relationship?
How can someone seek true love at the time when just a minor tiff results in changing of facebook status as 'complicated' or even 'single'?
Join Lavishka and Tanmay in the journey of their quest for love, their fulfillment of desires and their discovery of their inhibited self and unveil the answers. 

The title is impressive and tells you a lot about what's going to be the story in a very precise manner. It's about a person who just gave his/her heart and soul and in return didn't get what was expected. The background shows a boy kissing a girl on her forehead and it gives a lovey dovey kind of a feeling to the readers. The blurb talks about love between two people and then certain aspects which might test the strength of the relationship of two people namely Lavishka & Tanmay. It's a good summation with a lot of questions to be pondered about and once you read it, every piece of this love puzzle will fall in place. 

The story is about Lavishka & Tanmay how they fall in love with each other and then romance is all in the air with all the craziest things they do together in order to strengthen the bonds of their relationship. But why is Lavishka sad and aloof in her present as she pours out her past in front of few people. Why Tanmay suddenly walks way from such a healthy and blossoming relationship and then comes back again after 4 years in order to win her trust back and get Lavishka back in her life? What happens in the end? Does Lavishka accepts Tanmay back or she permanently closes her heart's door towards any such advances? These are the questions that will be answered in the story. 

The story is a flat read. It emphasizes too much on the extravagant lifestyle and the make outs and the sex sessions of Tanmay & Lavishka. The first half of the story explores the materialistic and lustful endeavors of both the protagonists. The second half is marred by the political agendas of our nation which are nowhere in sync with the story. A lot of charm is lost between the materialistic pleasures and political scenarios in the book. The use of expletives is another turn off in the book even describing the good times in the love story. 

The only saving grace in the book is the friendship of Lavishka & her friend Akku. Akku's character has been portrayed to perfection. A small surprise i.e a slight twist towards the end is the only saving grace in the plot which will spice up the story a little bit. 

A title which is not justified anywhere in the story nor in the blurb and too much emphasis on describing the sexual escapades of the protagonists and political agendas of our nation takes the plot in an unknown direction. A lot is left to be desired from the story and it didn't come out good in terms of the expectations. A predictable end to the story will not help the reader's cause.   


2 OUT OF 5. 

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